This Tech Penny Stock is Worth a Look

This Tech Penny Stock is Worth a Look

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LifeClips Inc. (OTC: LCLP), through its acquisition of Israeli battery maker Batteryfly Energy, Ltd., is bringing a tech gadget to the U.S. that is already seeing strong sales in countries like Canada, France, Israel, Australia, and the United Kingdom. With the acquisition, the Company gains Mobeego, an affordable, single-use, cordless battery that provides an instant shot of power to a smartphone. The gadget requires no pre-charge, is 100% recyclable and has a 10-year shelf life.

Mobeego is a simple product that solves a very common problem we all face–how to get a charge to our smartphone if there is no outlet in sight, you just don’t have time to sit around for 30 minutes while your phone charges, and your extended battery case is also dead or you just forgot to pack it. The product acts as an emergency energy shot for your smartphone providing instant power allowing for an extra 4 hours of use. Available at convenience stores or vending machines at shopping malls and airports for just $3.99 and $6.99, Mobeego is well worth the money spent.

LifeClips has also recently launched its 4k action camera SoloVu™. The Company claims its camera comes standard with certain key features that competitors like GoPro do not. SoloVu has an internal gyroscope for greater image stabilization, built in motion detection for activation, and a 16 mega-pixel image camera. In comparison, Sony’s HDR-AS50 goes up to just 11 mega-pixels while LG’s highly anticipated LG Action CAMLTE comes in at 12.3 mega-pixels.




  1. I’m really liking this company. I really think the Mobeego is a great product and LCLP’s stock looks even better.

  2. Strong growth potential here. Just waiting to see if they can close on these deals! If they do, who know’s how big this could get 🙂

  3. I really like the products this company has, especially their Mobeego. It makes charging mobile phones on the go a lot easier.

    • Yeah the Mobeego product seems like it could really come in handy in an emergency situation. I really like the camera product they have. Less expensive than the GPRO camera with better streaming.

  4. I have a position in the stock and have been following the product line, I hope this company can produce, I have faith in the products !

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