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Technology For Android Takes Center Stage As The Internet’s Most Used Operating System

Technology / Research from web analytics company Statcounter found Android technology now accounts for a larger share of internet usage than Windows for the first time. During March 2017, Android users represented 37.93% of activity on Statcounter’s network versus 37.91% for the Microsoft operating system. It’s a small gap for sure, and it refers to usage not necessary users, but it marks a notable tipping point that has been inevitable for the past couple of years.

technology android king

Statcounter, which bases its findings on 2.5 million websites that it claims generate over 15 billion monthly page views, tracked the gradual converge of usage for the two operating systems over time. The chart highlights Microsoft’s failure to challenge with its ill-fated Windows Phone platform. For Apple, the switch happened some time ago. During March 2017, Apple’s mobile users (iOS) were close to three times more active on the internet than users of its desktop machines (OSX).

The wider Android-Windows trend has been evident for some time. Windows dominated, and continues to dominate, the desktop landscape, but worldwide PC sales have declined for the past five years to reach the same levels as 2008. In contrast, sales of smartphones continue to grow, and Android is the operating system for the lion’s share of internet users worldwide. Growth is highest in emerging markets like India. There, Apple has increased its sales but remains a niche player with Android accounting for upwards of 90% of smartphones.

While the balance between iOS and Android is more level in Western markets like the U.S., the influx of new internet users from regions like Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America has tipped the scales in favor of Android. Indeed, a Statcounter report issued last week showed that mobile accounts for the vast majority of internet usage in countries like India (79%), Indonesia (72%) and China (57%) while desktop remains king in markets such as the U.S. (37 percent), UK (35 percent) and Germany (30%).

Those numbers have seen some shift in global revenue for developers, with China overtaking the U.S. as the most lucrative market for iOS apps worldwide, but Android continues to lag despite a larger base of users. A recent App Annie report found that iOS accounted for just over 25 billion of the 90 billion app downloads made in 2016, with Android taking the remainder. Yet iOS apps pulled in the majority of the $35 billion paid out to publishers across the iOS and Android app stores. That might change soon, though. Thanks again to its vast dominance in the emerging world, App Annie is predicting that 2017 could be the year that Android app earnings overtake iOS for the first time. That would be another important milestone.

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New Technology Allows For Seamless Integration

Technology now offers users a way to listen to music and drive together, and now a new association between music streaming app Spotify and navigation app Waze anticipates to make that experience more smooth in the connected age. The two have united so that Waze users can listen to Spotify playlists from within the app, and Spotify users can continue to get their Waze navigation instructions while in the music app.

streaming technology

The companies said the association is rolling out first to Android users worldwide. When it will be turned on for iOS is unknown. The move is an appealing for several reasons, beginning with usability. If you have ever launched Spotify while also launching a mapping app through your phone in a car, you will know that it doesn’t always work as smooth as you would prefer. This will also create a better experience on the screen. Users who are in the Spotify app will now get a short version of the next navigation instruction, while Waze users will get a short description of what they’re listening to, with the option to skip or change the music without requiring to open the Spotify app.

For Waze, it is notable that it selected Spotify first for this kind of integration. Waze tells us that Spotify is the first and only partner for this kind of app-level integration for the moment. It will be interesting to see whether Waze intends to add more integrations of music or other services down the line. More music services, to cover those who use Apple Music, Pandora, or Tidal, for example, would be an obvious start, but once you begin to think of other location-based apps or anything else you might do in a vehicle, such as search for a place to eat on Foursquare or Yelp, and you can imagine how these integrations could get very interesting.

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Finally, A Technology Update To Google Voice

Google Voice technology is getting ready to reveal a momentous update. Some Google Voice users reported seeing a technology upgrade link reading “the new Google Voice” on the web version of the service. There was also a link for them to follow to try it out. Obviously, the message was released too early because the upgrade didn’t actually come through when the link was clicked.


A banner showed up at the top of the screen when they logged into their account. The message read, “The new Google Voice is here. Try now,” according to Droid Life blog. However, when the users clicked on it, the page refreshed and they stayed on the current user page on the site.

The updates have been few and far between, even with the usefulness of the service and its room for growth. Since Google failed to continue improving in the space it has given other voice calling apps room to excel. Other calling apps like Burner and Listen seem to be getting more of the focus now.

The Google Voice competition have prospered in part by focusing on mobile users, an area where Google Voice has fallen short, having not updated its iOS and Android apps since last year. Google confirmed that it is working on updates to Google Voice, but declined to give any details ahead of the reveal.

The company’s strategy regarding its communications apps have been sloppy. It will be interesting to see what the improved Google Voice looks like. Google has several communication products, which seem to constantly fluctuate.

For example, Hangouts has seen its API shut down, which will shutter the application ecosystem on the platform. The apps that would remain have an business focus instead, as Google related to developers in an email that it is moving away from its customer focus.

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Technology Advances With Google and Fiat Chrysler

Google self-driving car project is now working with the Fiat Chrysler and Alphabet. Currently Google is teaming with the automaker for in-car system technology and using Android as the base for a new advertorial and connect car platform. The new FCA in-car system is called Uconnect. It uses Android 7.0 to deliver a scope of features, like terrestrial radio and AC/ heat controlled with the Android app.


Google is working with FCA and is going well beyond the Android Auto model. The company clearly wants to advance onward in a way that is more integrated with carmaker systems themselves.

Director of Android Engineering Patrick Brady said when announcing the news in a press release, “Google is committed to building Android as a turn-key automotive platform that integrates deeply with the vehicle in a safe and seamless way.”

Android and Google offer uncommon flexibility for the carmaker that give them the convenience of being able to offer customers app compatibility, but without having to give up total control of the branding and consumer relations.

FCA Head of Electrical Engineering Chris Barman stated in the same press release, “With Android, we are able to maintain our unique and intuitive Uconnect user interface, all while integrating our easy-to-use systems with Android’s features and ecosystem of applications.” This is a convenience that is not accessible to Apple. It’s not likely that Apple would ever give up control over the look and feel of the interface to automakers.

Allowing automakers to maintain responsibility for the look and feel of the in-car software interface is not the most fitting solution. However, carmakers also face harsh guidelines for prohibiting distraction, and would not be likely to give up control of interface design entirely to operating system makers anyhow. Android’s flexibility could be crucial to getting it more attention in cars heading into the future.

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You read that correctly. After 14 years of making smartphones in-house, the once ultra prevalent phone company has opted to revitalize its business model by not only outsourcing its phone production but also focus on the software side of the business. Comparatively speaking, the sales figures of smartphones in the second quarter are dismal to say the least. The company states that it only sold roughly 400,000 smartphones during the quarter. This is not only low for smartphone sales in general but it’s also a lesser number than it had recorded in the quarter previous.

In May, the company’s management told Bloomberg that it would know by September whether it would be profitable in its smartphone business. And now we’re seeing things like this new direction come about. Believe it or not, in a world of hundreds of different kinds of touchscreen devices, Blackberry actually produced it’s first touchscreen-only Android device in July of…2016! It’s called Dtek50 and to reduce costs the handset was based on a phone manufactured by TCL.

“Blackberry had made no secret of the fact that it might shut down its own phone-making business. Pushing it out to a third party is a sensible solution – but any manufacturer making Blackberry branded devices will ultimately face the same challenges.”

-Ben Wood of CCS Insight Consultancy to BBC News

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    Nowadays you don’t need a PC that’s always on or any other network-attached hardware in order to use Plex’s media player. Plex permits you to watch TV and movies from your own collection, including those you’ve recorded via an attached digital antenna, is making itself more available to mainstream users via a new online option, called Plex Cloud. Rather than installing Plex software on a local device, Plex has partnered with Amazon Cloud Drive to host your files so you can stream from the cloud.

    The software required has been an always-on PC, NAS, or MAC device, though it recently made an exemption with the NVIDIA Shield Android TV player. Though, that was in result that the Shield is a powerful gaming machine, currently with an 8-core 64-bit CPU and massive GPU, and has a model available with 500 GB of storage.

    Instead, Plex Cloud, will terminate some of the headaches that come with using Plex for less-technical users. Despite Plex’s software is good at organizing and adding metadata to your files, uses still had to be concerned over issues such as power failures, loss of data, and file corruption- as is the case when a user is storing files locally. It also is trying to solve the problem of, now you’ll just add your files to Amazon Cloud, then stream from any device using the Plex app. This will get rid of other problems, for example, slower bandwidth or data caps.

    Though, the service will only be accessible to Plex Pass users, but requires that users already have an Amazon Drive account. In result you will have another expense, which is $59.99 a year, though that’s not a horrible deal for cloud storage, if you’re familiar with the market, as it permits you the access for unlimited storage for any file type. That’s one—up from Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud’s pricing which are more expensive.

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    In order to control your home you don’t need to get too complicated, be smart and manage your home with ease. The use of the smartphone is increasing day by day. You can use these phones to control your home and its accessories. By using voice commands in Amazon’s Echo system, you can control almost all of your smart home devices. A tech company named Logitech thinks differently and tried to make controlling your smart home devices easy. The company finally produces a button with the help of which you can turn on/off all of your home devices. You can do that with a single press, double press or long press. Each press can be programmed to perform different functions.

    Logi Pop Home switch is the name of that new smart button created by Logitech. Its dimensions are 2.5×2.5-inces and is available in four different color choices. It can be connected with many smart home platforms and devices. The price of the button is $99.99 and the box includes two buttons and Connection Bridge. If you want an extra button, then you can get it for the cost of $39.99.

    For turning on any smart home device, then you can program the button to turn it on. You can also assign functions to the single press, double press, and a long press option. The single press will turn on lights, the double press will result in the turning on of your speakers and the long press will turn on your entire devices connected.

    If you want to enable one-touch home automation, then you will require a hub-based remote called Logitech Harmony. It will be used to control your entertainment media like TV, sound system etc. The process of assigning and connecting devices with your button can be done by using an app on android or iOS. The process of assigning different functionalities and features to the Logi Pop are easy and simple.

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    Pokémon Go is a new uprising and most trending game right now in the world. There are plenty of smartphone owners having Pokémon Go installed on their smartphones. The game is available for iOS and android both operating systems for mobile phones. It has a new version now for both android and iOS devices along with few features and improvements in the game. The main feature in the latest release is only live for the small subset of the users of the game right now. There are other fixes along with minor improvements in the working of the game.

    The makers of the game said that “We’re currently testing a variation of the ‘Nearby Pokémon’ feature with a subset of users. During this period you may see some variation in the nearby Pokémon UI.” You can activate this feature by going to the lower portion of the game main screen on the right side. In order to see nearby Pokémon, there is a sightings portion. But now you will have the nearby option which will show the Pokémon which has been seen in your vicinity at any PokéStops.

    You might not get the nearby feature yet, but many of your friends will get that. You will only have a sightings option if there is no nearby feature added yet. But Sightings feature is not useful because it will only show Pokémon who are near but without any clues about them as where they are. When you click on any Pokémon seen in the feature Sightings, nothing will happen.

    Other updates include the change in the game version to 0.33.0 for android smartphones and for iOS the new version is 1.3.0. The update includes warning for the drivers along with re-enabling of the battery saving mode. There is also improvement seen in the accuracy of the thrown curveballs. The trainers can now change their nickname one time.

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    The latest offering of ZTE is their new smartphone model, ZTE’s Axon 7, which is available for $399 as an unlocked smartphone. The phone is has a refined look and great specifications that allow it to easily compete with any other flagship device in the market in terms of specifications and price.


    The smartphone has a metal finished body. There is a rear facing camera on the back along with a fingerprint sensor. There are two speaker grills on the front screen, one at the bottom and one at the top of the screen. There is also a front-facing camera that beaks up the speaker’s grill at the top of the device. The screen is an AMOLED display that is 5.5 inches size, and has a bright, vivid color scheme.


    The phone is running the latest version of android 6.0 Marshmallow along with the company’s own MiFavor UI 4.0 skin. There are light tweaks and customizations done to make the user experience easy. Whenever you “wake” the device, there would be a new lock screen image. Inside the Axon 7, there is Snapdragon 820 processor and having internal storage of 64GB. The RAM of the device is 4GB which is enough to do multi-tasking on the big 5.5 inch AMOLED display. There is a micro-SD card slot which can support up to 128GB. The battery of the smartphone is 3250 mAh which can easily last for more than a day.


    There is a 20-megapixel rear camera shooter to take great quality pictures. The front-facing camera is 8 megapixel. Both the cameras can record 4k videos. There are different modes available for capturing pictures.


    In the price of $399, you are getting a 4GB RAM smartphone with a 20-megapixel camera and an AMOLED 5.5-inch display, which is something the market currently doesn’t offer. Most device specifications are present in other flagship devices, but most are much more costly compared to this one.

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    Dashlane, a popular password management utility, is going after a larger enterprise market today with its announcement of a new tool that will allow mobile employees to switch access personal and workplace password, in the company’s mobile app. The tool, known as “Spaces,” launched on the desktop this summer. Spaces was not a complete solution given today’s highly mobile workplace and the necessity to log into corporate resources from other devices. With Dashlane’s Business solution, starting at $2/month per user, I.T administrators can deploy the software to sync changes, track usage, assigns credentials, etc.

    On mobile, employers will now be able to immediately restrict access to work accounts, without employees losing their saved credentials. The software also includes an algorithm that analyzes web pages, offering auto-login and auto-fill, as well as password generation.

    Dashlane advertises itself as the first password manager to provide businesses with support for the FIDO Alliance’s Universal Second Factor authentication protocol and Yubikeys, adding a layer of protection without needing to type in two-factor codes sent over email or text. Plus, the software lets I.T. enforce that passwords are changed regularly, helping make accounts less vulnerable to hacks. The company notes that by 2018, over 70 percent of mobile professionals will conduct their work on personal smart devices. But these devices are vulnerable to security issues. Dashlane points out that 97 percent of mobile applications contain some sort of privacy issue, 86 percent of apps lacking basic security defenses, and 75 percent failing to properly encrypt their data. As of May, Dashlane reported over 5 million users in 150 countries.

    Thanks to lead investor TransUnion, the company also stated that it will partner with banks to aid with services like fraud and online payment protection in the future. Dashlane Spaces is live now for mobile on the company’s iPhone, iPad, and Android applications.

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