Automated Technology Is Here To Stay

automated technology

Automated Technology is Changing Social & Business Landscapes

It’s becoming an increasingly popular trend in everyday life for technology to be involved. Customers enter a store or use a mobile application and then they are able to immediately access the certain product or service that they’ve requested. It’s more and more common today with companies like Amazon, Uber, and even Little Caesar’s Pizza have brought to light, new ways to increase exposure to automation on a daily level. This is also a segue into further removing direct human engagement in exchange for rapid consumer access.


The jury is still out on whether or not this is really the case. Research has supported both sides of the coin on this. One side says active technology users are much more social than infrequent users. Others say that over use of technology can turn people into introverts by relying on screens and type boards to do the talking. Social media has been a large contributing factor to this thinking; on both sides.

Lack of emotion has been the case for many. Additionally, things like email, instant messaging, and text messaging further remove the human element. How many times have you misunderstood a digital message from something like an email where you don’t understand the emotional side of it? You don’t necessarily get the real feeling for exactly what the other party meant by whatever they said, and that could become a problem.

In more recent years, companies have brought to market, new technology that takes away human interaction. Uber, itself is beginning to try out self-driving vehicles in a few cities. Amazon is also trying out some automation in grocery stores where customers can purchase items and leave without having to go through a line or pay a cashier.

All they need is a smart phone and then they have their items tracked and carted out the door. As far as Little Caesars goes – because we know you were wondering – they unveiled “Pizza Portal”. This is a machine that allows customers to purchase and grab a pizza all without a cashier.


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