News Summary: Lexington Biosciences, Inc. OTCQB: (LXGTF) | CSE: (LNB)


Below is a List of Every News Release for Lexington Biosciences, Inc. OTCQB: (LXGTF) | CSE: (LNB) 

12/7/2017 | Lexington Biosciences OTCQB: (LXGTF) | CSE: (LNB) Hires Medical Device Reimbursement Experts Click Here

11/30/2017 | Lexington Biosciences OTCQB: (LXGTF) | CSE: (LNB) Engages Clinical Research Organization Click Here

10/23/2017 | Lexington Biosciences OTCQB: (LXGTF) | CSE: (LNB) Receives HeartSentry Trial Units Click Here

7/25/2017 | Lexington Biosciences Announces DTC Eligibility of OTCQB: (LXGTF) Common Shares on OTCQB Click Here

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