The Next Wave Of Technology Developments – 11-14-2017 Update

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Today’s Top Stories In Tech:

Lexington Biosciences (LXGTF) Update

Think about this for a minute: In the United States alone, approximately 1.5 million people annually suffer from heart attacks and more than 250,000 people die within the first hour of an attack. (LXGTF) is revolutionizing not only the healthcare market but the Biometric market with a product first in class to monitor and to directly target the unmet medical need for early detection!

Furthermore, timing could be very important right now. According to the company president, (LXGTF) is now looking to commence enrollment in upcoming HeartSentry clinical studies. As momentum continues to pick up each day and we watch to see what develops from that news, the latest trend could be opening more doors for this emerging medical tech company!

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How Biometrics Are Helping the Health Industry Save Money

A new system out of India will use biometrics to help identify the problem of ‘ghost faculty’. This problem has caused a large amount of economic downfall and wasted money in an industry that needs all that it can get.

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What Wearable Biometric Tech Will Look Like in the Next Couple Years

Products from the likes of Apple, Fitbit and other consumer electronic companies have helped to revolutionize the market on wearable tech and consumer biometrics. Many are wondering, with such a revolutionary industry in the works, where will it go in the next few years?

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