Smart Devices: Smart Phones & Smart Wheelchairs?


Smart Devices: Smart Phones And Smart Wheelchairs?

People may not think something like a cane needs to be Smart Devices. However, the Dring Smart Cane isn’t a step tracker that syncs with your smart home. It is a safety device. Individuals with canes are often physically disabled and there is a good chance they may injure themselves by falling down or they may get lost.

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A cane that tracks the user’s location can tell someone if they have fallen or need help. That’s just what the company has created. The sensors and GPS module are in the handle, and it can text, call, or email a contact with an alert when the button is pressed, or when the user has possibly fallen down.

When someone finds themselves disabled, a wheelchair is just as likely an accessory as a cane. Gaspard is a thin pad that sits under the wheelchair’s cushion and notices the user’s position with a set of sensors. Communicating with the smartphone app, the cushion informs the user whether their posture is suitable. Leaning on one side too much may indicate chronic pain. The sensor also tracks weight over time as measured by lifting oneself up from the chair regularly.

Rehabilitation is necessary after a stroke if the person affected is to regain use of afflicted limbs. However, physical therapy in the hospital may not be as often as one may wish, due to everyday challenges like scheduling free time and conflicts. South Korea-based Neofect makes devices and software that assist victims of stroke proceed with some therapy at home.

The idea is to gamify the exercises and track progress with greater granularity than self-reporting. By wearing Neofect’s glove, multiple axes of flexion and torsion can be detected with precision. The games are simple, but for many they may be a better option than being instructed to move your wrist up and down multiple times every hour. The user is told to twist their wrist to move a character or grasp virtual objects, and gain points for doing so. This makes the therapy more interesting.


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