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Technology for Altra’s Torin IQ was inevitable. Sensors integrated into articles of clothing have long been acknowledged to be the next step in wearable tech, and the Utah-based footwear maker just happened to beat most of its competition to the finish line with a pair of running shoes that bake tracking directly into the sole. However, unlike the scads of smart clothing technology that’s almost certainly on the horizon, the IQs are designed to address the very real issue of repetitive stress injury. It’s what turns running from a terrific full-body cardio workout to a veritable disintegrator of body parts.

clothing technology

And it’s what made me jump at the opportunity to have a go with the company’s new smart kicks. I only recently started running again after systematically grinding every joint and muscle below my waist into a fine powder. For all the health positives of running, doing it for any extended period of time can be downright destructive. And the common wisdom among many runners is that modern running shoes only exacerbate the issue with over-padding that masks the warning signs are bodies have evolved to let us know when we’re doing it. It’s why you briefly saw so many folks running around with those ridiculous toe shoes a few years back. To answer your question, yes, they think they’re better than you, but they don’t have to say it because their shoes have done all the talking.

For those less inclined to adopt barefoot or near barefoot running, there are plenty of shoes on the market designed to correct for common running problems like pronation and supination. Like many other runners, I tend toward to former, and it’s left me with a limp on numerous occasions, along with a laundry list of different issues like heel bursitis and plantar fasciitis. I had to get shots in my foot to relieve inflammation. I don’t recommend it. Any decent running store should have some sort of rig in place to better measure your impact. After recovering from my injuries the first time, I visited a store in Manhattan with a treadmill and camera rig designed to capture the runner’s foot strike at the moment of impact.

Torin IQ’s sensor technology is an attempt to provide a longer term solution in real-time. The app breaks down the bottom of the foot into sectors: heel, toe and left and right sides. A built-in audio assistant helpfully offers up tips for correcting runs in real-time, along with your standard array of motivation sentiments. And when a run in finished, it shows a breakdown of how you landed. This is far and away the shoes’ most useful smart feature. They’ll also tell you the time spent running, cadence, distance, and pace, but you’re not really getting much there that you aren’t already getting on your wrist-worn wearable.

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Pretty much anything could be accessed quickly with 3G. Selfies and social media were made possible from the rapid transfer of data. It is difficult to see how, in the early 2000s, we went on about our day without knowing what restaurant someone was going to for dinner.

Then came 4G. It delivered Facebook Live and SnapChat. Crowdfunding and free-to-publish video platforms gave everyone the potential of a global reach. With this comes almost virtual reality, giving us the inroads to content that feels tangible.

This now means that the Internet becomes the backbone for daily life. Intimate and rich personal data becomes predictive: a web of apps accessed via IM, Google Now, Alexa, or Siri predicting our needs.

To accommodate this, handset manufacturers should open their platforms and data in order to allow services and partnerships to be built on top. Our phones have become more important than we would have ever thought and they will become even more central in our lives.

The main way in which we consume will be through m-commerce. Our understanding of how media relates to people’s lives need to be reformed. With 5G, technologies now on the horizon will become customary to everyone.

For each customer a brand carries a constellation of different meanings. Brands need to dig deep into the aspirations and attitudes of consumers in order to identify the meanings that resonate with them the most. The connections based on these insights drive greater involvement and will help to strengthen the relationship with the consumer.

Alongside 5G, finding ways to connect with consumers through their devices and how they interact with them will be the main goal for innovators. What 5G connectivity really does is it creates a platform for businesses to build upon.

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