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GM Debuts Automatic Driving Technology This Fall

Coming in the fall of this year, GM will launch its Super Cruise advanced highway automatic driving technology, debuting first in the new Cadillac CT6. Super Cruise has been in the works for a few years now, and the semi-autonomous drive mode is almost ready for its debut, after its release date was pushed from 2016 to 2017 to give engineers more time to focus on designing the safest system possible.

Super Cruise offers features similar to Tesla’s Autopilot, which can take over control of driving in highway settings, maintaining lane position and adapting speed based on surrounding traffic. The feature will be available on a limited basis, with access narrowed to “divided, limited-access highways” with “defined ‘on’ and ‘off’ ramps” according to The Verge. The system will also track driver head position using infrared cameras built into the steering wheel that will make sure they pay attention while the feature is engaged, and will alert them via a steering-wheel mounted light notification system, and audio alerts, if they stop.
automatic driving technology

GM has also incorporate a fail-safe measure that will stop the vehicle safely if a driver ends up not being able to respond to the alerts, a feature which Tesla also implements in its Autopilot software. Super Cruise can also be updated over-the-air, another similarity between it and Tesla’s offering.

However, unlike Autopilot, GM’s semi-autonomous highway driving features incorporate LiDAR data. Tesla has refrained from equipping its vehicles with the high-resolution laser detection tech, and GM isn’t putting LiDAR on consumer cars either. Cost of components and the aesthetics likely make this an unappealing way to go, but GM has an interesting workaround to both use LiDAR data and keep it off production vehicles: It’s deploying a fleet of LiDAR mapping cars that will image highways where Super Cruise is used and make that information available to the system over-the-air.

The option is a paid add-on, with a $2,500 upgrade price and a $3,100 additional requirement if you get a trim-model that doesn’t include a driver assist suite lumped into the existing price. Super Cruise finally getting on the road is definitely exciting, but this is also the year Elon Musk has said he’s aiming to field a first coast-to-coast test of Tesla’s full self-driving technology. In other words, we’re off to the autonomous races.

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Faraday Future, the Chinese-backed electric car maker recently reported that they are working on an autonomous vehicle. The LeTV owned company will now join a growing list of tech companies who are developing self-driving cars. The list includes Google, Tesla, Apple (rumored), and even IBM, to name a few. Faraday revealed their first concept car, the FFZERO1 at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in early 2016. The car will be made with variable platform architecture, and will be made in the style of a UFO, designed around dividing the body between black and silver. The car also comes with a space helmet for no reason whatsoever.

Faraday’s chief engineer did advertise the shiny vehicle but has yet to inform the public about exact what’s under the hood. The company recently acquired an Autonomous Vehicle Tester (AVT) permit in California, which will allow the automotive company to start testing the self-driving car on public roads within the state. At the date of publication, California has granted 14 companies permission to test autonomous vehicles on public roads. Those companies include GM’s Cruise Automation, Google, Volkswagen, and now Faraday.

However, the company is looking to expand nationwide and has reported plans to start testing their self-driving vehicles in Detroit. According to the Detroit News, the company approached Michigan Dept. of Transportation director Kirk Steudle with plans to apply for autonomous vehicle plates in January. Although Faraday has yet to produce a working prototype, it says that it will be testing autonomous driving software, sensors, hardware, and more in real world environments. California law requires that a test driver is present inside all driverless vehicles no matter what. Faraday reported that it is working on a car that allows for both manual and autonomous modes.

“Through this enhanced testing, and under the constant supervision of our qualified test drivers who will be behind the steering wheel at all times, we are confident in the success of the autonomous technologies that we are developing for future FF products,” a Faraday spokesperson said in a statement.

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