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Artificial Intelligence

Brain Enhancement To Accelerate Development Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence : Elon Musk has another new company that is focused on developing the capabilities of the brain through AI. Neuralink, the new endeavor, officially came to light thanks to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, though it has been known for some time that Musk was working on brain-computer interface technology as a means to help ensure humans can keep pace with the accelerating development of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

At Code Conference last year, Musk brought up the prospect of a “neural lace” that would be surgically connected to a human brain and permit a user to interact with a computer without the bandwidth challenges that come with current input methods, including keyboards, mice, and trackpads. He’s since tweeted that he has made progress on his own exploration of the technology, and more recently rumors emerged that he was planning to create another company with this project as its focus.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, the medical conditions being studied could include epilepsy and severe depressive disorder. These efforts could build on existing therapies that use electrodes in the brain to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s, giving Neuralink a starting point with established science and an easier path to approval for human use. Clearing that lower hurdle would then set up the company for its longer-term goal of human augmentation.

It may sound far-fetched, but in fact this is basically the Musk standard playbook for building new companies based on big ideas. Both SpaceX and Tesla used the same model, starting with near-term products that weren’t nearly as ambitious as later efforts in order to crest a sustainable path to grand designs, like landing on Mars or affordable, mass-produced long-range EVs.

Musk will definitely have a full plate with Neuralink on top of SpaceX and Tesla, as well as his side venture The Boring Company, which is looking into solving urban transportation issues via tunnels. However, the CEO sees artificial intelligence as a risk that could potentially affect humanity at large, and his decision to pursue this potential solution likely seems as imperative to him as does the necessity of expanding our intergalactic colonial footprint, or weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels.

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    Once what was thought as science fiction could now soon become science fact. SpaceX (despite its short-comings and rocket explosions) is fixated on bringing earthlings into the business of galactic colonization. But why Mars? Besides the fact that the “red planet” has a similar planetary make-up and the fact that it’s close enough to get to in someone’s lifetime, Elon Musk thinks that it will give us options.

    What kind of options you ask? In his opinion, we can either stay on Earth and eventually face an “extinction event” or we can spread our wings throughout the space system and build our own “second Earth” to keep the species living on. The whole goal for SpaceX, at least for now is to set up an outpost for exploration and then eventually create a self-sustaining civilization that builds out from this outpost.

    On top of this, because Mars’ atmosphere is far less than that of Earth, Mars dwellers could potentially bounce from place to place not only cutting down on commute times but also lessening the mental stress when looking at your scale (I joke). But here’s the thing, it’s projected to cost roughly $10Billion per person if you wanted to move to Mars right now…and I’m sure many of us have other ways we would want to spend a cool 11-figure check.

    So in order to curb this cost, SpaceX thinks the solution would be to manufacture reusable vehicles. Musk says, “It’s kind of like Battlestar Galactica, if you’ve seen that thing.” The real goal is to get roughly 1million people to become the first colony on Mars, which could take 100 years or more. They want to get the cost of travel down from $10billion to $100-$200k and that is the task at hand to be able to build a vessel that can make headway in space but is also built out of material that won’t break the bank. Carbon fiber and other materials have been looked at as viable solutions to this.

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    The news has been confirmed by Tesla that it will buy Solar City in a deal for 2.6 billion dollars. This deal will tie both of the companies together as one giant company. The newly merged company will sell different products like power wall batteries, solar panels, etc. Elon Musk is currently serving as the Chairman of the board in both companies.

    Tesla which is known for electric car manufacturing and Solar City which is known for producing solar panels and their installation are going to be joined as the chairman of both the companies, Musk, is planning something big for them according to recent press. The CEO further explains the reason to merge both companies in the “Master Plan Part Deux,” a follow up to his original Master Plan that he wrote more than 10 years ago.

    “Now that Tesla is ready to scale Powerwall and SolarCity is ready to provide high differentiated solar, the time has come to bring them together.”

    The merged company anticipates saving as much as $150M on Solar City/Tesla merger after the deal was approved by the companies’ boards. There would be a single application to control, monitor and access all the energy products of Tesla by using your smartphone. There are 45 days for both the companies to look for a better deal as they need regulatory approval. But because Musk is the chairman of both Tesla and SolarCity companies, there are most likely fewer chances for anyone to put a stop to this deal.

    SolarCity was founded by the cousins of Musk, but Musk is the largest shareholder of both the firms. There will be no impact of the merge on any plans of both of the firms. Therefore, they could quite possibly do what they had initially planned to do, in near future.

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