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Technology For Android Takes Center Stage As The Internet’s Most Used Operating System

Technology / Research from web analytics company Statcounter found Android technology now accounts for a larger share of internet usage than Windows for the first time. During March 2017, Android users represented 37.93% of activity on Statcounter’s network versus 37.91% for the Microsoft operating system. It’s a small gap for sure, and it refers to usage not necessary users, but it marks a notable tipping point that has been inevitable for the past couple of years.

technology android king

Statcounter, which bases its findings on 2.5 million websites that it claims generate over 15 billion monthly page views, tracked the gradual converge of usage for the two operating systems over time. The chart highlights Microsoft’s failure to challenge with its ill-fated Windows Phone platform. For Apple, the switch happened some time ago. During March 2017, Apple’s mobile users (iOS) were close to three times more active on the internet than users of its desktop machines (OSX).

The wider Android-Windows trend has been evident for some time. Windows dominated, and continues to dominate, the desktop landscape, but worldwide PC sales have declined for the past five years to reach the same levels as 2008. In contrast, sales of smartphones continue to grow, and Android is the operating system for the lion’s share of internet users worldwide. Growth is highest in emerging markets like India. There, Apple has increased its sales but remains a niche player with Android accounting for upwards of 90% of smartphones.

While the balance between iOS and Android is more level in Western markets like the U.S., the influx of new internet users from regions like Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America has tipped the scales in favor of Android. Indeed, a Statcounter report issued last week showed that mobile accounts for the vast majority of internet usage in countries like India (79%), Indonesia (72%) and China (57%) while desktop remains king in markets such as the U.S. (37 percent), UK (35 percent) and Germany (30%).

Those numbers have seen some shift in global revenue for developers, with China overtaking the U.S. as the most lucrative market for iOS apps worldwide, but Android continues to lag despite a larger base of users. A recent App Annie report found that iOS accounted for just over 25 billion of the 90 billion app downloads made in 2016, with Android taking the remainder. Yet iOS apps pulled in the majority of the $35 billion paid out to publishers across the iOS and Android app stores. That might change soon, though. Thanks again to its vast dominance in the emerging world, App Annie is predicting that 2017 could be the year that Android app earnings overtake iOS for the first time. That would be another important milestone.

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    App Technology Allows Users To View Landscapes From Space

    The global imaging technology company that acquired Google’s Terra Bella satellite imaging business recently, Planet, is introducing a new tool called Planet Explorer Beta that permits its users to view how its image captures of Earth from space change over time. It is available to the public without a login, which means almost anyone can see what a particular spot on the planet looked like over a yearly or monthly period.

    technology nasa

    Will Marshall, Planet co-founder and CEO, describes in a blog post that the company has noticed that, as it captures images of the same locations over time, almost all places show visible signs of transformation. Planet’s satellite network captures a lot more imagery than has typically been available, and on a more frequent basis. It can collect a new photo of every piece of land on Earth on a daily basis, via its network of almost 150 orbital satellites. It proves things transform almost indefinitely all over the planet.

    There is clearly a business focus with Planet’s choice to reveal Explore Beta publicly with no login required. Use of the resulting images is limited to non-commercial purposes, and Planet anticipates this will drive free account sign-ups, which unlock access to not only yearly and monthly change imagery, but also daily comparisons. These gimmicks are likely to convert at least some users into paid subscribers, which permits them to use the available data for commercial use.

    However, Planet also says it believes imagery of the Earth should be freely accessible to all, including NGOs, individuals, and small companies, rather than exclusive province of big corporations and government agencies. For the everyday user, this is a great modern way to pass some time looking at truly fascinating satellite images, and getting some new perspective on the all-too inevitable passage of time.

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      YouTube, The Hot Spot For Advertisers

      Even with its huge success with viewers, Google always had a difficult time convincing advertisers that it is the best place for them to reach their target audiences. Now, Google promises to give advertisers better tools to target specific audiences especially on YouTube. The company is now aiming toward mobile audiences.


      As Google recently announced, 50% of YouTube views now happen on mobile. For advertisers, this means that many of the old tracking technologies that worked well on the desktop don’t work all that well on mobile. Beginning this year, Google intends to limit the use of pixels and cookies on YouTube.

      YouTube director of product management Diya Jolly stated, “While technologies like pixels and cookies still have a role in the broader ecosystem, most were built for a single screen. Neither pixels nor anonymous cookies were designed for the ways in which users increasingly watch content on YouTube, like on the mobile app or in the living room. This can lead to inconsistent measurement and less relevant ads across screens, making it harder for people to control the ads they see or the data used to show them.”

      Google also says that it is creating a new measurement solution “that will be at the cutting edge both in generating advertiser insights and in protecting privacy and security across Google and YouTube.” This target solution is giving advertisers a better look at which users see their campaigns across devices and what impact those campaigns have. Google says it will work with the likes of DoubleVerify, comScore, MOAT, and IAS as it builds this new solution.

      Google also said that it will make it easier for advertisers to reach the proper audience because “information from activity associated with users’ Google accounts may be used to influence the ads those users see on YouTube.” If you are an advertiser, that is great news, especially because the company will also allow retailers to use their own client data to target their shoppers on YouTube. While Google said that these new services will protect the privacy of its users, this is expected to be a feature that privacy advocates will focus on.

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      Finally, A Technology Update To Google Voice

      Google Voice technology is getting ready to reveal a momentous update. Some Google Voice users reported seeing a technology upgrade link reading “the new Google Voice” on the web version of the service. There was also a link for them to follow to try it out. Obviously, the message was released too early because the upgrade didn’t actually come through when the link was clicked.


      A banner showed up at the top of the screen when they logged into their account. The message read, “The new Google Voice is here. Try now,” according to Droid Life blog. However, when the users clicked on it, the page refreshed and they stayed on the current user page on the site.

      The updates have been few and far between, even with the usefulness of the service and its room for growth. Since Google failed to continue improving in the space it has given other voice calling apps room to excel. Other calling apps like Burner and Listen seem to be getting more of the focus now.

      The Google Voice competition have prospered in part by focusing on mobile users, an area where Google Voice has fallen short, having not updated its iOS and Android apps since last year. Google confirmed that it is working on updates to Google Voice, but declined to give any details ahead of the reveal.

      The company’s strategy regarding its communications apps have been sloppy. It will be interesting to see what the improved Google Voice looks like. Google has several communication products, which seem to constantly fluctuate.

      For example, Hangouts has seen its API shut down, which will shutter the application ecosystem on the platform. The apps that would remain have an business focus instead, as Google related to developers in an email that it is moving away from its customer focus.

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      Technology Advances With Google and Fiat Chrysler

      Google self-driving car project is now working with the Fiat Chrysler and Alphabet. Currently Google is teaming with the automaker for in-car system technology and using Android as the base for a new advertorial and connect car platform. The new FCA in-car system is called Uconnect. It uses Android 7.0 to deliver a scope of features, like terrestrial radio and AC/ heat controlled with the Android app.


      Google is working with FCA and is going well beyond the Android Auto model. The company clearly wants to advance onward in a way that is more integrated with carmaker systems themselves.

      Director of Android Engineering Patrick Brady said when announcing the news in a press release, “Google is committed to building Android as a turn-key automotive platform that integrates deeply with the vehicle in a safe and seamless way.”

      Android and Google offer uncommon flexibility for the carmaker that give them the convenience of being able to offer customers app compatibility, but without having to give up total control of the branding and consumer relations.

      FCA Head of Electrical Engineering Chris Barman stated in the same press release, “With Android, we are able to maintain our unique and intuitive Uconnect user interface, all while integrating our easy-to-use systems with Android’s features and ecosystem of applications.” This is a convenience that is not accessible to Apple. It’s not likely that Apple would ever give up control over the look and feel of the interface to automakers.

      Allowing automakers to maintain responsibility for the look and feel of the in-car software interface is not the most fitting solution. However, carmakers also face harsh guidelines for prohibiting distraction, and would not be likely to give up control of interface design entirely to operating system makers anyhow. Android’s flexibility could be crucial to getting it more attention in cars heading into the future.

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      The days of Hewlett, Packard, Jobs and Wozniak are long gone. The days when technology was pretty simple and all you needed was some tech know-how; a few transistors, a soldering iron and a garage. This was a time of amazing opportunity.

      Hardware became so sophisticated that it got to the point where you could not do much without a multimillion dollar facility. Hackers were forced to move to software and the internet relocated them out of garages and into their bedrooms. The possibilities were endless with just a laptop and a little bit of coding knowledge.

      These days hardware and software have both become incredibly advanced. It is so rare to find an expert in artificial intelligence; that when found, they are being paid like sports stars. Ironically; in this day and age, tech giants such as: Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and Google are making resources available to anyone who desires to access some of the world’s most advanced technology.

      A Plumber’s Dream

      If you own a building; you may share a common fear with other building owners that can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs. The fear of an undetected water leak. It can, at times, be difficult to detect the exact source of water leaks by plumbers.

      AquaSeca is a startup that believes it has found a solution to this problem by creating a small “wearable for pipes” that can monitor water flow within a building. When there is any sort of abnormal water flow it can identify the problem and notify the owner of the building. This in turn can save the building owner a lot of money through early detection and identification.

      This of course involves sophisticated technology. Once scaled, it will monitor thousands of sensors, connect them to customer’s devices and integrate complex analytics and machine learning algorithms. Something that just 10 years back would have been impossible for even major tech companies. Today a startup like AquaSeca can get all the resources it needs to make this possible from the library of machine learning tools that Google has outsourced.

      Any Car Can Be A Smart Car

      Smart Cars: Automobiles and the internet have assisted fleet managers in lowering costs and improving service. Artificial intelligence including GPS’ have given dispatchers the capability of accessing a “vehicle health report” if drivers on the road run into problems and give them the ability to send help if necessary.

      ActiveScaler is a startup that transforms everyday cars into smart cars. Their technology includes voice recognition, video analytics and even facial recognition. They presently support more than 20,000 cars on four continents. It runs on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform as well as its CNTK library of machine learning tools and HDInsight, its advanced cloud analytical package.

      Google Glass For Factories

      In January 2015 Google stopped production of its “Google Glass” which was announced in April, 2012. Google glass would have given individuals the ability to walk around recognizing people through facial recognition; pull up data on them, then take pictures and video without being noticed. This raised serious concerns.

      Although Google stopped production; the potential of the technology for specialized uses is still intriguing. For example: In an industrial environment a field service employee may use the product to recognize a specific model of machine to be repaired, pull up a service manual and be guided through a service call with graphics.

      The startup SeToOS has built a prototype. They did not disclose specifically how their technology was built. It is obvious; however, there are many resources to draw from. Visual recognition, the Internet of Things and advanced analytics are all easily accessible to just about anybody with an idea for an application.

      The New Competitive Advantage

      AquaSeca, ActiveScaler and SeToOS are all early stage startups which are still in their “garage mode” days, so to speak. Although they do not have billion dollar research budgets or industrial labs they are still able to access technology that would have been impossible to access just ten years ago. Tech giants like Microsoft and IBM would have never shared their proprietary assets in such a manner back in the day. Ironically, today IBM and Microsoft freely share their intellectual property with anyone who has an idea and so do newer companies such as Google and Facebook.

      Mendix is a company that offers a platform to help mid-size and large enterprises, (who would otherwise not have had the ability to do so) connect to resources like these. The platform is so user friendly that even marketing managers can participate in developing applications. As a result Mendix is growing at a rate of 100% annually.

      You may wonder why the tech giants are so generously sharing their technology. It was not that long ago that they would have made it impossible for anyone to access this information and would have sought to destroy anyone trying to compete with them. Yet now they are allowing everyone to see what their best minds produce. Why?

      The answer lies in the fact that collaboration is the new competitive advantage. They earn huge revenues by offering their technology as a service in addition to offering it as a product. Their technology improves the wider it is used. The bottom line is that now a days; power resides in the center of networks rather than the top of value chains.

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      Where companies like Tesla, Google, and even Uber are racing at break neck speeds to be a leader in self driving automobiles, Ford is taking a slower pace. According to reports, the long standing US automotive companies could see its first self driving car in 10 years, versus 10 months but for good reason. Last month Ford CEO Mark Fields said that the company will put self driving vehicles into mass production in 2021 but only for “ride hailing duty”. Normal consumers will have to wait longer in order to be able to self park one of these new rides in their garages.

      Why will it take so long? Mostly, this hesitation has a lot to do with the safety issues this new technology faces. There was already a reported death from the malfunctioning of Tesla’s new self driving electric car. With this comes many more questions regarding the fail-safes that should and hopefully will be put in place by automakers. Basically the greater level of automation implemented, the more time it will take for the human driver to get reengaged in actually driving the vehicle when the system needs that “human touch.”

      The results may show Ford becoming a laggard in the marketplace of self driving cars but then again it allows the company to sit back and watch companies like Tesla become to test subjects for the formal roll-out of the eventual Ford Self-Driving Auto. For investors of Ford, they’re just going to have to sit back and wait, which may actually work out for the better considering the missteps already going on within the market via some of the other “early birds”.

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        If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve heard that Twitter could be soon put out to bid.  The social media company has been struggling for months as management has had its difficulties in monetizing the site.  But with hundreds of millions of users still active, many still see huge value in the company.  On CNBC, reports were abuzz about viable candidates to court the struggling twitter (not lately as the price has spiked on the rumors).  Names that have come about include Google, Inc. (GOOGL), SalesForce (CRM), Microsoft (MSFT), and even Verizon (VZ).

        Some have also been reported as potential candidates in the past and for some of the newcomers like Microsoft, throwing a hat in the ring may simply be a tactic to drive the bid higher for some of the companies such as Sales Force. A spokeswoman for the company told reporters that Microsoft “has nothing to share.”

        Twitter currently holds a market cap of just over $13 billion and already saw a massive jump in price compared to its previous close. SO being that Salseforce has nearly half as much market cap as that of Twitter in its own cash reserves, it could potentially need to obtain funds for the other half (assuming an all cash deal) by other means; i.e. shares, capital raise, etc.

        The largest appeal for many of the potential suitors is Twitters pool of data.  This is key for technology based firms. With around 313million monthly active users, there may be a way that these other companies are thinking that they could monetize the platform far better than current Twitter management. In the mean time? We wait.  Reports cite that there may not bee too much further news on this until the new year or at the very earliest, the end of this year.

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        streaming technology

        So there you are just driving along the road, you stop at a red light and look to your left and see…NO ONE DRIVING! Now I know, normally you’d be scared but technology is quickly making this a possible “norm of the future”.

        Between Google, Uber, Tesla, and a host of other tech companies focusing on “the driver-less car,” this has begun to turn more into reality than science fiction. California, for example, has amendments to a bill before its legislative assembly that would essentially allow for the testing of cars without any driver present in the driver’s seat. And this could be conducted on actual roads!

        Michigan’s state legislators introduced a bill that would also give the right to test cars without a safety driver present. Both bills limit the situations where these kinds of vehicles can operate. For instance, the bill in California specifies that pilot projects cannot have their autos exceeding 35mph. Also, only approved areas will be allowed for use during the testing phase. There’s also a provision that automobile manufacturers along with their suppliers will be held liable for any accidents that would result from these trials.

        So far, every one of the 50 states require that a drive be operating a vehicle on a public road. In the case of Michigan, the bill actually represents a major economic opportunity and an option to keep car technology research and development within the state. Introducing these proposed amendments in California is also potentially going to increase Michigan’s process on the matter. Its bill already has support from Republican and Democratic legislative reps.

        The bottom line is that this technology is no longer a thing of the future and state lawmakers are highly likely to give the “OK” to vehicles without human drivers!

        TheStreet.com has just published an article mentioning Life Clips, Inc (LCLP) along side other tech giants, see why…

        Growing demand for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) products has been among this year’s technological highlights, with smash hit Pokemon Go leading to an explosive growth of public awareness. According to a report by International Data Corporation, the trend will accelerate as consumers seek more thrilling, interactive experiences. 

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