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Will Semi-Truck Autonomous Technology Soon Take Over The Roads?

Autonomous trucking startup Embark is unveiling its technology for the first time, showing off a competitor for Uber’s Otto that uses neural networks and deep learning to teach trucks how to drive on their own through their own processes of trial and error and practice. Embark’s trucks are approved to test on Nevada roads. The company’s technology is capable of handling potential obstacles like a slow car occupying the lane in front, and pass on undivided highways. According to Embark co-founder and CEO Alex Rodrigues, it can handle fog, darkness, and glare having learned to do so on its own.
For the time being, the technology Embark has created is not designed to replace human drivers altogether.

autonomous technology trucking

Rather, its intentions are to take over control on long stretches of relatively boring and straightforward driving, while also passing control to human drivers when it enters complex driving scenarios like those found in cities. The company’s foundation was based on the fact that there’s presently a truck driver shortage, and its technology can help add to the number of routes a human driver can handle by decreasing their actual time spent actively driving. Even though driving is, across categories, a huge employment category in the country, it is also true that most overland freight providers are also looking to add to their organization of capable drivers.

Rodrigues’ team at Embark includes SpaceX alumni, as well as people from Audi’s autonomous team. The startup also has funding from Maven Ventures, which also backed Cruise, the self-driving company GM acquired for $1 billion to help jump-start its own autonomous vehicle development efforts. There’s no specific schedule of deployment of the autonomous truck, but the company is ramping its engineering hiring aggressively and hopes also to build out its group of testing vehicles for its Nevada trials. With Uber’s Otto facing strong legal challenges from Alphabet’s Waymo, now might be exactly the right time for a new self-drive trucking startup to roll out.


New Stream TV Technology App Revealed By Comcast

Comcast is unveiling a new streaming technology app called Xfinity Stream, which will replace its older Xfinity TV app on mobile devices, as well as deliver many features for cable subscribers, including on-demand programming, DVR recordings, access to live TV, and more. It will also be home to Comcast’s internet TV service targeted at cord cutters, Stream TV. This IPTV service is set to roll out nationally later this year under new branding.

streaming technology

Stream TV has not had much attention since its reveal in 2015, mostly because it’s still only available in select markets. Currently, those in Boston and Chicago metros can subscribe to the live streaming technology service, which is being targeted at those who no longer want to pay for cable. Stream TV includes access to the local broadcast stations (ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS, Telemundo, and Univision), as well as HBO. The service has been criticized for not being on par with PlayStation Vue or Sling TV, but is not really targeted at the true cord cutter. Rather, Stream TV is meant to appeal to those who mostly watch TV at home, where a laptop or mobile device is used as their primary screen.

Comcast plans to roll out Stream TV nationwide later this year to all the markets where Comcast is available. At the time of the nationwide reveal, Stream TV will also be rebranded to eliminate confusion between it and this new “Stream TV” app. The application will then continue to serve both Comcast customer bases: those streaming TV cord cutters as well as the traditional subscribers to cable TV. As for the new Stream TV app itself, it now allows subscribers to Xfinity cable TV to tune in to over 200 live TV channels.

In addition, TV customers can choose from 40,000 on-demand titles, including both TV shows and movies, thousands of which can be downloaded for offline viewing, the company says. DVR recordings can be downloaded for offline access, and the DVR can be programmed remotely. Stream TV subscribers will have access to the same general feature set, but will only be able to view those channels and on-demand titles included in that subscription. Downloads are not available for the broadcast networks or HBO in this package, so on-demand viewing may be limited.

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Piaggio Technology – A Robot That Carries Your Stuff And Follows You

Piaggio, the Italian company that makes Vespa scooters revealed its newest technology creation this week; a personal delivery device or “cargo robot,” called the Gita. The technology and the robot were designed by a new “startup” within the broader Piaggio group of brands, called Piaggio Fast Forward, in Boston. Gita resembles an exercise ball with tires in a meridian position, and multiple cameras embedded within its shell. It can follow a person, or roll autonomously in an environment it has already mapped. At 26 inches tall, the Gita can carry up to 40 pounds at a time and has a maximum speed of 22 miles per hour, so it can keep up with a person on foot or riding a bike. It can run for about 8 hours of continuous use, the company said.


Piaggio Fast Forward’s Chief Creative Officer Greg Lynn stated, “We come from a world of lightweight, scooters, two and three-wheeled cycles, and mini trucks. Everything we do is lightweight and made for highly congested cities, like Bangkok or Hanoi, where traffic is a real issue We wanted to extend people’s movement and encourage them to move more freely and easily, even in congested environments.” Piaggio Fast Forward has taken a different approach to working around traffic on the ground than other startups in this space, such as the delivery drone makers Flirtey and Zipline or Starship Technologies, which makes semi-autonomous personal delivery robots. The Gita has to follow a human around to learn how to navigate around a new environment. Its design permits it to go wherever a person in a wheelchair could go, including grocery stores, ramps, and elevators.

Sasha Hoffman, Piaggio Fast Forward Chief Operating Officer, noted that the follow-mode can alleviate some problems faced by autonomous vehicles. She stated, “A machine can be intelligent, but isn’t as smart as a human today. Driving down the street and deciding to swerve to avoid hitting a bicyclist or a dog on the road, for example, people make ethical decisions all the time that a self driving car can’t make. If a device is following a person then that person has the lead, and powers the most important decisions around the robot’s movement.”

Hoffman also said running Gita units indoors and out with select partners will help the company amongst a database of location information that isn’t available through resources like Google Maps today. It could lead to better navigation tools to help people get around places like campus buildings, airports, and parking lots. These are also locations where the Gita could alleviate workers and visitors from carrying a heavy load, whether that’s suitcases or tools. If the robot isn’t allowed indoors, Piaggio created the Gita with the ability to park outside safely. It has a locking bay that requires a fingerprint scan and a code to open it, as well as to start the robot. “Gita is also covered with cameras, and sensors and always knows where it is. It’d be the dumbest thing in the world to try to steal or break into,” he stated. Piaggio Fast Forward soon plans to run pilot tests with Gita on different college campuses and in towns in the U.S. It envisions the Gita assisting maintenance, gardening and custodial workers, and others who must tote heavy things around to get their jobs done.

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    YouTube, The Hot Spot For Advertisers

    Even with its huge success with viewers, Google always had a difficult time convincing advertisers that it is the best place for them to reach their target audiences. Now, Google promises to give advertisers better tools to target specific audiences especially on YouTube. The company is now aiming toward mobile audiences.


    As Google recently announced, 50% of YouTube views now happen on mobile. For advertisers, this means that many of the old tracking technologies that worked well on the desktop don’t work all that well on mobile. Beginning this year, Google intends to limit the use of pixels and cookies on YouTube.

    YouTube director of product management Diya Jolly stated, “While technologies like pixels and cookies still have a role in the broader ecosystem, most were built for a single screen. Neither pixels nor anonymous cookies were designed for the ways in which users increasingly watch content on YouTube, like on the mobile app or in the living room. This can lead to inconsistent measurement and less relevant ads across screens, making it harder for people to control the ads they see or the data used to show them.”

    Google also says that it is creating a new measurement solution “that will be at the cutting edge both in generating advertiser insights and in protecting privacy and security across Google and YouTube.” This target solution is giving advertisers a better look at which users see their campaigns across devices and what impact those campaigns have. Google says it will work with the likes of DoubleVerify, comScore, MOAT, and IAS as it builds this new solution.

    Google also said that it will make it easier for advertisers to reach the proper audience because “information from activity associated with users’ Google accounts may be used to influence the ads those users see on YouTube.” If you are an advertiser, that is great news, especially because the company will also allow retailers to use their own client data to target their shoppers on YouTube. While Google said that these new services will protect the privacy of its users, this is expected to be a feature that privacy advocates will focus on.

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    New advancements like 3D-printed prosthetics have helped individuals around the world. Presently, animal orthotics are enhancing the lives of crippled canines as well as the occasional elephant.

    A husky mix named Derby suffers from a birth defect which causes his front legs to curl. Because of this he can not walk or run like other dogs.

    A pitbull puppy named Hudson became an amputee at three weeks of age after being nailed to a railroad track and left for dead.

    Fortunately, for these pups, there story does not end here. Thanks to some good individuals, current technologies and the developing field of animal orthotics these fortunate dogs get a fresh “jump” on life.

    “Technology can be a valuable tool in the veterinary prosthetic field,” stated Derrick Campana of Animal Ortho Care; who is one of approximately six orthotists around the globe who design and create 3-D braces and prostheses for disabled animals.

    “3D technology enables us to treat a broader range of patients. It also enables us to treat tiny patients we couldn’t accommodate before.”

    Utilizing traditional methods as well as new technologies; Campana makes custom pieces that enhance the lives of pets, (mainly dogs and cats) but also goats, llamas, deer and including the occasional elephant.

    Campana is the one got Derby and Hudson back on their feet.

    As per Campana, if an animal in Australia needs a prosthesis, they can send an MRI to Animal Ortho Care and the team will make a mold to fit the disabled dog.

    Campana says 3D imaging can save time as well when many copies of the same device are needed or if a prosthetic breaks because they do not need to start from scratch.

    Derby, Blade Runner

    Tara Anderson met Derby in 2014 in a New England-based animal shelter. She noticed the little Husky mix with his severely deformed front limbs. It broke her heart. Eventually, she returned and volunteered to foster him.

    “I kept looking at his photo and hearing his story, and I cried, literally, every time,” she said. “I had to try and help this dog.”

    To help him walk Anderson got a cart with wheels which attached to Derby’s front limbs; however, his mobility was still limited. He could not run around and play with other dogs.

    Anderson is a manager with 3D systems. She asked two of her coworkers who are both 3DS designers; to use 3D tech to make prostheses for Derby. She asked Campana to help because of his experience in orthotics.

    They made a model of Derby’s front limbs using 3D modeling software and designed custom pockets to put his disabled legs in. Finally they created the wheel-shaped blades that became Derby’s 3D-printed prosthetic limbs.

    They made the first one smaller in order to allow Derby time to learn to use his new prostheses, and strengthen his back muscles. Later they made a larger design that would allow him to walk with a flat back like other dogs.

    “Derby was a challenging case, and I don’t think it would have worked if we didn’t use 3D printing,” said Campana. “Because the file was stored on the computer, we didn’t have to build molds by hand time after time.”

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    Croatian technology is becoming more successful just as TCN predicted back in January, as evidenced by Zagrebs’ “MicroBlink” finding its way into American politics.

    In just a matter of days American’s will know who their next president will be. Regardless of who wins the presidential race; Croatian technology will be there to help Americans vote.

    A Zagreb based company MicroBlink; developed BlinkID, which allows you to scan ID documents with barcodes or OCR recognition. Co-founder, Izet Zdralovic, confirmed to Slobodna Dalmacija that the innovative technology is being used in the US Presidential elections.

    MicroBlink uses advanced networks and techniques in order to provide fast and accurate text recognition, enabling people to easily scan and process documents such as driver’s licenses, ID cards and passports in 3 seconds using a mobile phone.

    “We have signed contracts with a number of partners in the US, which are private companies or NGOs for the use of this technology” stated Zdralovic. He also said the device is currently being used in order to enable Americans to register to vote for Tuesday’s election as well as to identify voters.

    MicroBlink was the startup following the popular ”Photomath” app which allows its users real-time answers to mathematical problems by taking a picture of the problem using a phone camera.

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    Forward-Looking Statements

    This Current Report on Form 8-K and other written and oral statements made from time to time by us may contain so-called “forward-looking statements,” all of which are subject to risks and uncertainties. Forward-looking statements can be identified by the use of words such as “expects,” “plans,” “will,” “forecasts,” “projects,” “intends,” “estimates,” and other words of similar meaning. One can identify them by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. These statements are likely to address our growth strategy, financial results and product and development programs. One must carefully consider any such statement and should understand that many factors could cause actual results to differ from our forward looking statements. These factors may include inaccurate assumptions and a broad variety of other risks and uncertainties, including some that are known and some that are not. No forward looking statement can be guaranteed and actual future results may vary materially.

    Information regarding market and industry statistics contained in this Current Report on Form 8-K is included based on information available to us that we believe is accurate. It is generally based on industry and other publications that are not produced for purposes of securities offerings or economic analysis. We have not reviewed or included data from all sources, and cannot assure investors of the accuracy or completeness of the data included in this Current Report. Forecasts and other forward-looking information obtained from these sources are subject to the same qualifications and the additional uncertainties accompanying any estimates of future market size, revenue and market acceptance of products and services. We do not assume any obligation to update any forward-looking statement. As a result, investors should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements.

    Item 5.02 Departure of Directors or Certain Officers; Election of Directors; Appointment of Certain Officers; Compensatory Arrangements of Certain Officers.

    Effective October 13, 2016, the board of directors of the Company appointed Robert Finigan to serve as President of the Company. Mr. Finigan was granted 3,000,000 stock options on October 13, 2016 as compensation for his service as President, which shall vest as 500,000 shares at the end of the first three months, 500,000 shares at the end of the seventh month, 1,000,000 shares on the one year anniversary of the grant date, and 1,000,000 shares on the eighteen-month anniversary of the grant date.

    Mr. Finigan has served in interim C-Level executive roles and board advisory positions for several start-up and technology companies as Founder of Black Labs Ventures LLC, a strategy consulting firm from 2015 through 2016, in addition to leading product and marketing efforts as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Branding Officer for Modere LLC, a global health and wellness brand from October 2012 through 2016. Mr. Finigan served as Executive Vice President for Mood Media, a global media and entertainment company from 2002 through 2012, and served as Vice President of New Media at Bank of America from 1999-2002. Mr. Finigan obtained a BFA in Design and Photography from the Rochester Institute of technology, College of Imaging Arts and Sciences in 1997.

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    AirBnB goes on a trip to acquisition country.  The tech company known for being “the uber” of hotels has purchased Barcelona-based travel startup Trip4Real.  The company offers a marketplace related directly to enhancing travel experiences for tourists.  They can browse and book in advance of their trip and get that “local flair” that many tourists end up missing because they choose to site see instead.  Cooking classes, food tastings, hands on tours and many more of the related are just a few things that can be accessed through the platform.

    The obvious relationship between travel and travel experiences makes sense and the on-demand sharing economy has created the perfect platform to demonstrate this, first-hand. What’s more is that AirBnB has begun to grow its travel services.  Last month the company began testing its “City Hosts” guided experiences program. Trip4Real’s platform seems to fit right into the current culture that AirBnB has begun to create.  But this isn’t the only experience app that is on the market today either and the space is quickly becoming more and more saturated.

    Other startups in the space that will put pressure to AirBnB’s current move through their acquisition of Trip4Real include: GetYourGuide, Vayable, Peek, LovliLocals, and GuideMeRight. In 2014 TripAdvisor acquired Viator as well, so this is not necessarily something brand new either.  In a statement made to an online tech magazine, Contacts at AirBnB stated, “We are delighted to welcome Trip4Real to the Airbnb family. [Founder] Gloria Molins and her team share our vision of a different kind of travel experience that is local and authentic. Their experience and expertise is a great complement to our ongoing efforts to transform the way that people travel.”

    Trip4Real has been around since 2012 and initially raised $3.1million in four separate rounds of investment. The price of the acquisition has not been disclosed but rumors are suggesting that it wasn’t a large amount…the jury is out so we’ll see what else materializes in the coming days and weeks.

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    Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: EKSO) to Ring The Nasdaq Stock Market Closing Bell

    ADVISORY, Aug. 29, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

    Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc. (EKSO), a robotic exoskeleton company, will visit the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square.

    In honor of the occasion, Tom Lobby, President and CEO, will ring the Closing Bell.

    Nasdaq MarketSite – 4 Times Square – 43rd & Broadway – Broadcast Studio

    Tuesday, August 30, 2016 – 3:45 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET

    Ekso Bionics Contact:

    Media Contact:
    Carrie Yamond/Rajni Dhanjani
    (212) 867-1788
    [email protected]

    Investor Contact:
    Debbie Kaster
    (415) 937-5403
    [email protected]

    Nasdaq MarketSite:
    Emily Pan
    (646) 441-5120
    [email protected]

    Feed Information:
    Fiber Line (Encompass Waterfront): 4463

    Gal 3C/06C 95.05 degrees West
    18 mhz Lower
    DL 3811 Vertical
    FEC 3/4
    SR 13.235
    DR 18.295411
    MOD 4:2:0

    Social Media:
    For multimedia features such as exclusive content, photo postings, status updates and video of bell ceremonies, please visit our Facebook page:

    For photos from ceremonies and events, please visit our Instagram page:

    For livestream of ceremonies and events, please visit our YouTube page:

    For news tweets, please visit our Twitter page:

    For exciting viral content and ceremony photos, please visit our Tumblr page:

    A live stream of the Nasdaq Closing Bell will be available at:
    https://new.livestream.com/nasdaq/live or http://www.nasdaq.com/about/marketsitetowervideo.asx

    To obtain a hi-resolution photograph of the Market Close, please go to http://business.nasdaq.com/discover/market-bell-ceremonies and click on the market close of your choice.

    About Ekso Bionics
    Ekso Bionics designs, develops and sells exoskeletons that have applications in healthcare, industrial, military, and consumer markets. Our exoskeleton systems are worn over the user’s clothing to enhance human strength, endurance and mobility. These systems serve multiple markets and can be used both by able-bodied users as well as by persons with physical disabilities. The company and its partners have sold, rented or leased devices that (a) enable individuals with neurological conditions affecting gait (for example, spinal cord injury or stroke) to rehabilitate and to walk again; (b) allow industrial workers to perform heavy duty work for extended periods; and (c) permit soldiers to carry heavy loads for long distances while mitigating lower back, knee, and ankle injuries. Ekso Bionics is headquartered in Richmond, CA and is listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol EKSO.

    About Nasdaq
    Nasdaq (NDAQ) is a leading provider of trading, clearing, exchange technology, listing, information and public company services across six continents. Through its diverse portfolio of solutions, Nasdaq enables customers to plan, optimize and execute their business vision with confidence, using proven technologies that provide transparency and insight for navigating today’s global capital markets. As the creator of the world’s first electronic stock market, its technology powers more than 70 marketplaces in 50 countries, and 1 in 10 of the world’s securities transactions. Nasdaq is home to more than 3,700 listed companies with a market value of approximately $9.3 trillion and nearly 18,000 corporate clients. To learn more, visit: nasdaq.com/ambition or business.nasdaq.com.


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    In today’s era of technology, many new gadgets revealed every day to make our lives easier. After smartphones here is now the era of Smart Watches. The big giant of mobile industry Samsung had released their smartwatch a few years later. But according to a new report, the new smart watch by Samsung will be in three different models. The much-awaited smartwatch from Samsung Gear S3 would be released soon. According to rumors, the gadget will be announced at IFA which is going to be held next month.

    The new Gear S3 will be available in three different model variants. The three versions include Explorer, Frontier, and Classic. The first two variants will be focusing a person who is active in the life with a ruggedized design of the watch. The fan blog of Samsung claims that the Gear S3 would have built-in GPS system along with speedometer, barometer, and altimeter. The design of Gear S3 would be rounded with rounded display and rotatable bezels. The rotating bezels can be used to navigate around in the operating system Tizen.

    According to the reports, they claim that the Explorer model of Gear S3 will have three buttons located at different hour marks in the watch. The marks will be on 2, 4 and 10-hour marks. Now it’s not cleared yet for which purpose these marks will be used. Maybe they will be used for the functionality of stopwatch or they can be shortcut buttons for launching different applications. Well, we can only guess for now before the official release of the Gear S3 by Samsung.

    Maybe these buttons will work like an Active key of Galaxy S7 Active. This can be used to launch any program application or for sending out any emergency message. All these would be revealed soon at IFA which is going to held next month.

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