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Boom Supersonic Jet Technology Is On Its Path To Production

Technology for supersonic airplane startup Boom is well on its way. The startup completed its wind tunnel analysis, verifying its first two years of aerodynamic design work and setting the stage for constructing the airframe that will become the basis of it first flight-ready aircraft. We spoke to Boom co-founder Blake Scholl and CEO about the wind tunnel testing that had been completed, and asked why this was such a large step for the startup.


Scholl explained that this was a major turning point because it meant being able to move on to constructing large-scale hardware for analysis with human pilots. However, Scholl also told us that just a few years ago, this kind of technology milestone would have involved multiple wind tunnel tests through numerous physical model iterations over a drawn-out period of time.

Scholl stated, “It used to be you do all your development in wind tunnel. Every iteration would take six months, cost millions; you’d better be a big company. But today, you can do aerodynamic development in simulation, where each iteration takes 30 minutes and costs almost nothing, and so you can do it with a tiny team. And then when you think you’ve got it right, you go to the wind tunnel and you verify rather than develop there.” The adjustments in the cost of the advancement process are part of what is helping Boom reach its achievement of creating a Concorde-like supersonic passenger jet that can operate at costs comparable on the traveler’s end to business class travel on regular planes today.

Scholl’s target is not just to get supersonic flight down to business class prices. He envisions a time when they can bring costs down far enough that supersonic travel will be accessible to anyone who can fly today. Boom sees itself having a parallel trajectory with SpaceX technology or Tesla in terms of massively changing the economies of a transportation tech that at first seems out of reach, Scholl explained. “It’s the dividing line between development and being ready to build, so you do all of your testing and simulation initially, you think you have a design that looks like it’s going to go work, and then you go to the wind tunnel and you verify with real air and real flow that you’re seeing the results that you predicted in simulation and at that point then you’re ready to go forward and start constructing large pieces of the aircraft,” he stated. Scholl said that there was a “really awesome agreement” between the conclusions predicting in software simulation, and the results that bore out in actual wind tunnel testing, with a few areas for improvements the team will work on before heading to the construction phase.

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Introducing Beeline, A Navigation Technology System For Your Bike

Beeline is a technology device mounted on the handlebar of your bike that uses Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS to direct you around town. It acts as a compass to guide you to your destination, instead of the turn-by-turn direction like traditional GPS. The Beeline team pleads that this allows riders to be more present by letting them decide what the best path to take is. Co-founder Tom Putnam stated, “The key to our success, I think, is being really eager to find help where we can and assuming that what we are trying to do other people have done before.” The Beeline team knew the basic direction it wanted to go, but was open-minded about how to create its business.


Putnam said, “It’s not rocket science. We met loads of people who said they came up with the idea, but no one ever did anything about it.” So in developing its product, the team didn’t fear much about copycats. Alternatively, the Beeline team reached out to anyone who might be able to help and then used those connections to make its product better. Beeline enters a market of established bluetooth cycling hardware that includes SmartHalo, Blubel, and COBI. However, according to Beeline, competition is a good thing. Putnam said, “Together we are all creating a market so we don’t feel super protective about others getting into the space.”

Beeline is targeting the product to its biggest user base, which is currently in London. However, the device works “anywhere you can see the sky.” The target for the next several months is to use the information collected from its users in the UK to create a better product. Putnam stated, “We want to be measured on how we expand rather than trying to tackle the world at once. I’m curious to see if people will love it and use it the way we designed or if evolves into something else entirely.”

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Airbus Should Have Self-Flying Technology Vehicle Prototype This Year

Airbus CEO Tom Enders announced the company aims to roll out a prototype self-flying technology for small urban transport made for single-passenger travel by the end of this year. Airbus has been advancing its self-governing vertical take-off and landing concept through Project Vahana, an internal project designed to research viability and refine a model for urban air transport. Enders told the DLD tech conference in Munich that Airbus is taking the project “very seriously.” Airborne’s transit for goods and individual passengers would be highly beneficial for alleviating urban congestion, and redefining how urban planners think about city designs.


Vahana plans to have a workable production urban aircraft for short trips ready by 2021, and so actual model tests by the end of 2017. The company previously said it was wishing to field a full-scale model sometime in 2017. It seems like Enders is still dedicated to keeping his company to that deadline. The self-flying vehicle will most likely use a 4 rotor design with variable positioning possible to aid with vertical take off, and then shift to push the vehicle forward in the air. The architecture process is taking into account what’s most economical, given requirements like an electric motor, which Airbus is focusing on so that a fleet of the vehicles will not have a worse impact on the environment than ground-based transportation in terms of adding to air pollution.

Flying cars might seem outrageous but helicopter-creator Airbus thinks that they would be ignoring the category at their peril, given the advance of technology that can help make it possible. If Airbus can pull off the model, the biggest hurdle might be regulation. Transporting people by drone is still a big legal concern in metropolitan areas. It will be difficult to prove its safety to municipal regulators.

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Opera Reveals A New Browser Technology Called Neon

Internet browser technology seems to have become dull. After much modernization, things slowed down since Google Chrome was revealed. We have seen a few interesting experiments, mostly from smaller players like Vivaldi and Brave, but the larger players have pretty much been playing it safe.


Opera was sold to an association of Chinese companies last year and is switching things up with the reveal of Opera Neon, an experimental desktop browser for both Mac and Windows. They would like to redefine what a current browser should look like. There is no task bar or bookmarks bar to be seen. Round bubbles will replace the tabs at the top. It will automatically grab your desktop’s background image and uses that as the background image of your new home page. There is also a sidebar on the left hand side that will let you control video playback and audio which allows you to watch it even while you are surfing in other tabs. There is a screenshotting tool in the same sidebar. Furthermore, Opera Neon allows you to place two browser tabs side-by-side within the same window if you have a wider or larger screen.

It would be somewhat difficult to make the change to Opera Neon because it does not support plug-ins yet. It does, however, have some cool features like the pop-out video feature. The browsing seems to work at a quick speed, too. About bookmarks, you have to open up a new tab to get each one. It is not possible to organize them, either. If you have a lot of bookmarks you will end up with a lot of tabs open. Opera’s former CEO said that Neon won’t replace Opera’s existing browser, “However, some of its new features are expected to be added to Opera this spring.”

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InterCloud Systems Begins New Year with over $200K in New Contracts

NEW YORK, Jan. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — InterCloud Systems, Inc. (the “Company” or “InterCloud”) (ICLD), a leading provider of cloud networking orchestration and automation solutions and services, today announced that it was recently awarded over $200,000 in new contracts to start the new year. A majority of the work is expected to begin immediately.

Mark Munro, CEO of InterCloud Systems stated: “We have seen higher volume in our stock as of late, as lenders exercise their rights to convert their debt into equity. The pressure on the stock from the conversions of debt into equity is not a reflection on the operations of the Company. As we have previously disclosed, the Company is working very aggressively to secure more conventional asset based financing to help reduce these conversions. We are also working on the sale of non-core assets to eliminate some of this convertible debt as well. We continue to have a positive outlook for 2017 and anticipate that a stronger balance sheet, reduced operating expenses and continued marketing of our more profitable products and services will produce improved shareholder value in the future.”

About InterCloud Systems, Inc.

InterCloud Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of cloud networking orchestration and automation, for Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) cloud environments to the telecommunications service provider (carrier) and corporate enterprise markets through cloud solutions and professional services. InterCloud’s cloud solutions offer enterprise and service-provider customers the opportunity to adopt an operational expense model by outsourcing cloud deployment and management to InterCloud rather than the capital expense model that has dominated in recent decades in IT infrastructure management. Additional information regarding InterCloud may be found on InterCloud’s website at www.intercloudsys.com.

Forward-looking statements:

The above news release contains forward-looking statements. The statements contained in this document that are not statements of historical fact, including but not limited to, statements identified by the use of terms such as “anticipate,” “appear,” “believe,” “could,” “estimate,” “expect,” “hope,” “indicate,” “intend,” “likely,” “may,” “might,” “plan,” “potential,” “project,” “seek,” “should,” “will,” “would,” and other variations or negative expressions of these terms, including statements related to expected market trends and the Company’s performance, are all “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and involve a number of risks and uncertainties. These statements are based on assumptions that management believes are reasonable based on currently available information, and include statements regarding the intent, belief or current expectations of the Company and its management. Prospective investors are cautioned that any such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performances, and are subject to a wide range of external factors, uncertainties, business risks, and other risks identified in filings made by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Actual results may differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements. The Company expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking to update or revise any forward-looking statement contained herein to reflect any change in the company’s expectations with regard thereto or any change in events, conditions or circumstances upon which any statement is based except as required by applicable law and regulations.

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