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Will Semi-Truck Autonomous Technology Soon Take Over The Roads?

Autonomous trucking startup Embark is unveiling its technology for the first time, showing off a competitor for Uber’s Otto that uses neural networks and deep learning to teach trucks how to drive on their own through their own processes of trial and error and practice. Embark’s trucks are approved to test on Nevada roads. The company’s technology is capable of handling potential obstacles like a slow car occupying the lane in front, and pass on undivided highways. According to Embark co-founder and CEO Alex Rodrigues, it can handle fog, darkness, and glare having learned to do so on its own.
For the time being, the technology Embark has created is not designed to replace human drivers altogether.

autonomous technology trucking

Rather, its intentions are to take over control on long stretches of relatively boring and straightforward driving, while also passing control to human drivers when it enters complex driving scenarios like those found in cities. The company’s foundation was based on the fact that there’s presently a truck driver shortage, and its technology can help add to the number of routes a human driver can handle by decreasing their actual time spent actively driving. Even though driving is, across categories, a huge employment category in the country, it is also true that most overland freight providers are also looking to add to their organization of capable drivers.

Rodrigues’ team at Embark includes SpaceX alumni, as well as people from Audi’s autonomous team. The startup also has funding from Maven Ventures, which also backed Cruise, the self-driving company GM acquired for $1 billion to help jump-start its own autonomous vehicle development efforts. There’s no specific schedule of deployment of the autonomous truck, but the company is ramping its engineering hiring aggressively and hopes also to build out its group of testing vehicles for its Nevada trials. With Uber’s Otto facing strong legal challenges from Alphabet’s Waymo, now might be exactly the right time for a new self-drive trucking startup to roll out.

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Semi Trucks Communicate Through New Technology

Peloton Technology has partnered with Omnitracs, a fleet management company, to provide platooning technology in 2017. Research has been done on the potential effects of semi trucks being able to travel in groups. It may be more fuel-efficient, it might be easier on the drivers, and it might be safer. Now, it may be coming to a highway near you.

peloton technology

Peloton is going to begin pre-orders for its Class 8 truck platooning system this year. This will permit two semi trucks to platoon using V2V radar and communications, with one leading and one following. The system is like an amped up radar-based cruise control, with the trucks themselves sharing essential positional and driving data. The trucks aren’t driving themselves. This is not autonomous technology. The driver is still in charge of steering and will still need to focus on the road. This system will work like adaptive cruise control with automatic emergency braking, but the V2V layer permits the follow truck to engage that automatic braking within a tenth of a second of the lead truck hitting the brakes. According to Peloton Technology, this meets the SAE definition for Level 1 autonomy.

Each group is currently limited to two trucks, so you won’t run into large convoys of linked trucks taking up miles of roadway. And the cloud-based system limits the use of platooning further to specified roads in safe driving conditions. As with all semi-autonomous systems available today, when things get complicated, the driver has to take over complete control. The most direct benefit, according to Peloton Technology’s calculations, is the fuel efficiency. The lead truck in one of these platooning pairs will see 4.5% fuel savings, and the follow truck will see 10%. Omnitracs customers who have the Peloton system fitted to their trucks will be able to route pelotoning pairs as often as possible.

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