Technology Company To Deliver To The Moon?


Technology Company, Blue Origin Anticipates Amazon-Style Delivery To The Moon By 2020

Technology guru Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin and Amazon founder, is planning a trip to the Moon. His plan, uncovered through a draft proposal by The Washington Post presented to NASA and Trump’s administration, outlines Blue Origin’s intention to design a cargo spacecraft destined for the Moon that would help it carry experiments, supplies, and people to Earth’s largest natural satellite, hopefully by 2020.

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Bezos has a pretty sharp grasp of terrestrial shipping through Amazon, so it makes sense that he would visualize providing similar services at a lunar scale. The CEO told the Washington Post that he thinks it is time for the United States to not only make its way back to the Moon, but also to stay, with the aim of setting up a “permanently inhabited lunar settlement.” The Moon is currently on the mind of many. Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, recently announced that his company would be sending two private individuals on a tourist mission around the Moon, with a target flight date in 2019.

Blue Origin’s original proposal aims on getting the goods necessary to set up a permanent colony on the Moon, rather than shuttling humans or tourists to the destination. It also looks for resource commitment from NASA, both in terms of expertise and funding. In the white paper, the plan is to land the spacecraft at the Moon’s south pole, where there’s enough sunlight to power it through external solar panels, and where it has water ice nearby, which is essential for both human sustenance and the creation of rocket fuel. Its design could allow for flying 10,000 pound of materials and supplies, and it is intended to be usable with NASA’s own launch craft, the ULA’s Atlas V rocket or its own New Glenn rocket, which is still in development.


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