Technology And The Future Of The Olympics


Technology Continues To Evolve & The Olympics Will Be Futuristic

The Tokyo Olympics in 2020 is being seen a major opportunity for companies to showcase new technology. It will be for impressing visitors from around the globe and it will also allow for a framework to be built for future tech. Sponsors of the Olympics and companies like technology company, Panasonic Corporation are among the organizations demonstrating this “spirit”. The company will be debuting its “Green Air Conditioner,” which it says it will be testing this summer.

Other things like mist curtains designed to cool off attendees during hot summer months, along with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and even robots that will be delivering cold drinks to customers, will have a place at the next summer Olympic games. And this is a major focus for innovative tech companies. Cooling attendees in the sweltering summer heat of Japan’s sun is contiguous throughout many steps of planning for the even.

The goal is to aid in the cooling down of the urban heatthat will come at the time of these Olympic games. The games (including the Paralympics) will run from Late July through early September. Panasonic will be testing its cooling systems at bus stops, rest areas, and areas of similar exposure across multiple locations. In addition to its cooling system, Panasonic’s “Hospi” is another product. It’s a robot that can deliver drinks to customers and even clear away dishware from tables at places like hotels and airports. The devices have built in technology to map the areas that they are working.

Kenichi Minami, chief researcher in charge of the project at NTT, said, “We see a wealth of opportunities in this business, expecting the system to be used during traditional arts performances, music concerts and other events.”

Even though the Olympics will act as a large opportunity for companies to attract publicity, Tatsuya Nakabushi, head of the Mitsubishi Research Institute’s Platinum Society Center, explained that companies looking to participate in these Olympics should have longer-term marketing plans to create a true legacy.


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