Top Stories In Tech For Wednesday November 15, 2017

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Lexington Biosciences (LXGTF) Set For New Highs?

In our opinion, timing could be very important right now. According to the company president in their last announcement, (LXGTF) is now looking to commence enrollment in upcoming HeartSentry clinical studies.

Yesterday (11-14) we saw (LXGTF) explode to new 52-week highs for the SECOND TIME in the last 5 sessions! As momentum continues to pick up each day and we watch to see what develops from that news, this bullish trend could be far from slowing down!

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How Wearable Devices Are Changing the Gene Tracking Industry

A new research report from the Scripps Research Institute is conducting a report on the use of wearable biometric devices to help track genetics of the individual. This could help to not only diagnose, but treat those with certain types of medical ailments. A project known as the All of Us project recently launched an initiative to enroll over one million people.

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The Future of Next Biometrics

A new type of biometric could authenticate your smartphone with nothing more than just a drop of sweat. A biochemist and assistant professor at the University of Albany, Dr. Jan Halamek, is attempting to work on a concept for biometric authentication that would allow for just that. This new biometric authentication type could effectively combat that of facial recognition and the likes of other biometric identifiers.

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