Wristband Technology Monitors Blood Alcohol Level


Wristband Technology Monitors Blood Alcohol Level

Evan Strenk, owner of Technology company Milo Sensors, created a technology company around wearable sensors that detects various chemicals in your body. The company is starting off with Proof, a small band that can gauge your blood alcohol level and omit the information to an app. Milo Sensors exhibited the product at CES in Eureka Park recently.


Strenk stated, “There’s a breathalyzer out there but no one uses it because they’re awkward. The use case there is you put our sensor on at 6 pm, you set your alarms for yourself, and everything’s paired with an app. You don’t even know if I’m messaging someone or checking my blood alcohol level. And because it’s continuously tracing, you can set alarms for yourself, like hitting .08 percent. I want to be alerted, maybe if I’m driving home, and you can connect with safety buddies, friends, and family at undesirable levels.”

Constantly tracking a user’s blood alcohol level is the goal of this technology. By doing that, users can get a sense of how fast the level is going up and know whether or not to decreasing alcohol intake. The band transmits the information to the app, which quickly shows a chart of how high their blood alcohol level is.

Strenk said, “While users can detect their blood alcohol level for now, the technology translates into detecting other things like caffeine as well.” He continued, “The skin ends up being a superhighway of molecules, with the technology being applicable to a different variety of use cases.” For now, monitoring blood alcohol level made sense. The co-founders of the company decided on the concept over a few pitchers of beer. It could have been an earring, but after the round they settled on blood alcohol level and a band.

The owner slots a cartridge into the band before they are planning to go out. The cartridge is disposable and will only cost a few dollars. Strenk stated, “The analogy is, you put a raw piece of meat on the counter, over a few hours it turns brown. Similarly you open a cartridge, it oxidizes. It goes beyond step counting, it goes beyond heart rate, it’s reading bioanalytic through your skin.”


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