Tech Trends To Watch In 2016


There is an array of new products and services available that intertwine themselves in our lives to make them easier. Many of the best tech stocks have reacted in the market to the direction of many of these emerging technologies going more mainstream especially with how the tech sector is continuously changing.

Information Sorting: As the digital world grows, so does the amount of information within it. The trend of information sorting will continue to grow and improve, as new algorithms are introduced that allow companies to figure out which findings are treasure and which are trash.

Defense Against Digital Criminals: The hacking industry isn’t slowing down as corporations both small and large continue to be hit by digital criminals after money and information.

To keep things secure, those in information technology will need to find better ways to identify weak spots in systems, block against uninvited network visitors, and build methods for protecting information when hackers do slip through the cracks. For the security of their resources and to maintain trust from their customers, companies will continue to prioritize and advance in adaptive security.

Wearable Devices & Virtual Reality: Our mobile devices want to be closer to us and we’ll see an increase in wearable tech this year. Google introduced Glass, then we received the Apple Watch, and in 2016 we will continue to see the emergence of even more wearable devices, such as smart clothing and even a smart helmet.

As virtual reality expands to new avenues, buyers are going to have more power, and competition among retailers will heighten as the fight for the most user-friendly shopping experience continues.

3D-Printers: The popularity and diversity of 3D-printing makes it a top technology trend for 2016. From eye shadow you can pick, print and wear, to the likely possibility that we will soon be able to begin biological printing, 3D printers have and will continue to completely disrupt the tech world.

Machine Learning (AI): The sci-fi idea of machine intelligence is now far from fiction. Machine learning is here, as technology has led to the reality of machines actually adapting and learning. Just look at how Google’s AlphaGo algorithm beat a world-renowned Go player in one of the most complex games created. How did AlphaGo win? Its advanced ability to learning the more it plays.


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