Facebook’s “And Chill” Bot Gives Users Movie Suggestions


Facebook has tried many bots through its new platform, which is still in its early stages, as most apps are not ready to become completely user friendly. This is due to many flaws in natural language processing, as well as the trial-and-error process of developers figuring out how users are going to use the bots. One company however, which is named “And Chill”, has discovered how to build a bot that is well suited for the Facebook community and chat-based interface. The slightly inappropriately named app is a movie recommendation engine, that is abandoning the traditional “like/dislike” model in order to dig deeper on the reasons why viewers are watching the movies they watch, in order to make a valid prediction.

Here’s how it works: The bot is accessed via Facebook Messenger or SMS. After the standard bot greeting, And Chill will ask users to tell it a movie they liked and why. For example, users can say “I liked Click because it is hilarious but at the same time tells a family centric fable”. And Chill will then analyze the components and use them to recommend similar films. The startup has not released examples of how the algorithm works, besides the fact that the bot “uses a few different frameworks to detect patterns, attributes, and other factors” to pull movie options for viewers.

Currently requests take a few minutes to process (so don’t click out of it, we know you tried messaging them already), which is due to the serves being under extreme load. The startup also noted that some requests involve human input, “to confirm what their data crunching gives them.” All in all, the service is groundbreaking for the traditional way of finding movies, by scrolling through a list of hundreds of movies or losing a myriad of movies behind the search bar. However there is still room for improvements, some of which would greatly enhance the app’s experience. For example, each response from the bot only includes a YouTube trailer, however many users have requested to see rotten tomato scores and brief synopsis as well.

Users can reach And Chill by clicking https://s://facebook.com/textandchill/ or by texting the bot at (213)-297-3673.


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