360 Degree Live Video Streaming Released By Twitter


As it continues to try to find a new future for itself in 2017, Twitter is releasing another new product. Taking another step forward into the future, Twitter is now introducing live 360 degree video streaming through Periscope. 2016 has been a difficult year for the company. It saw itself the subject of a potential major acquisition before those talks fell apart. Since then, Twitter has struggled to find exciting and new ways to expand. The company has rarely added any new features or tools.

Subscribers on Twitter can now watch 360 degree live video (but must have Periscope). This live video is only available for a limited number of Twitter users right now. As live streaming becomes more popular on Facebook it was sure to happen that something similar come out on Twitter.

With live 360 video, Twitter subscribers can now get a full angle view of what is happening from a broadcaster’s surroundings. Presently this feature is only limited to its partners, however there does not look like there will be a whole lot of live 360 degree video streaming for a some time. Users will surely use this new feature as a playground to explore new use cases. This could be a great plan to engage new subscribers who might otherwise go to different platforms. This would offer new tools to experiment with to continue expanding their audience.

While not as popular as Facebook (who has over 300 million users worldwide), twitter will continue the effort and make changes to the platform to broaden their audience. The company would like to grow faster. This is not easy but if Twitter is going to find new ways to spark growth the company will need to continue to make big bets, specifically ones in video streaming.


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