How a 3D Chip is Changing the Wearable Industry


The industry on wearable technology is something that is very quickly increasing in size and subsequently, popularity. With a large market that is based on how well the tech works, any new technology will help make the market even more mainstream. A new report has come out detailing a chip that could potentially reshape the entire wearable market.

According to the report “Typical silicon-based, integrated circuits are brittle, rigid components that are packaged in a way that protects them. When we look at putting these type of devices into a flexible form factor, rigidness works against us,” said Dr. Dan Berrigan, a research scientist at the AFRL Materials and Manufacturing Directorate. “Working with American Semiconductor, we took silicon integrated circuit chips and thinned them until they became flexible but were still able to maintain circuit functionality. This now allows us to place the microcontrollers—essentially minicomputers—in places we couldn’t before.”

The new technology is able to track several factors of the human body including real time monitoring of anything from hydration, temperature and fatigue. The study stated further that “It’s capable of turning a system on and off, and it can also collect data from a sensor and retain it in memory,” said Berrigan. “We can wrap this type of chip around a fuel bladder sensor to detect leaks, use it to monitor munitions inventory and even augment cold-chain monitoring through temperature sensing. Enhancing logistics is just one of many ways this effort can help meet Air Force needs.”

The development of new tech in the wearable industry is something that will help to change the way we monitor certain factors of our body. With new technology being produced everyday, the proliferation of the wearable tech industry will continue to rise.

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