Is $AAPL Holding Back on iPhone7 for iPhone8?


Apple (AAPL) has officially sent out press invites to its conference on September 7 where the company will probably be unveiling its next iPhone…fitting…iPhone 7 on the 7th…According to reports however, the invitation doesn’t really include a whole lot of detail besides the phrase, “See you on the 7th.” The actual event will be held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Fran and has already been used for the WWDX keynote this past June.

For the better part of the last 3 years Apple has released a new iPhone during the first few weeks of September and everything points that it will continue to follow suit this year with a new iPhone. But there are things we don’t know about the phone yet. What are they?

Now there have been many leaks on what some say the iPhone 7 will look like or the futuristic attributes that it will (could) have. But the general consensus seems that the new iPhone 7 will have relatively the same design as its predecessor, the iPhone 6s. The antenna will be at the back again and streamlined. The camera will be a little bit more prominent and it also appears that the audio port is actually going away completely! I can’t wait for this uproar…BLUE TOOTH, PEOPLE!

There will also be a bigger model, according to reports. For this, Apple could bring in a dual-lens camera system where two cameras could let iPhone users shoot better pics in lower light. It has been noted that this could also make HDR performance better along with color fidelity…Then again, you could also use optical zoom with 2 different angles but who knows right now?

Here’s where it could get more exciting for the onlookers to this special event on the 7th. The company could also be using this as an opportunity to roll out their all new line of MacBook Pro computers. There are rumors buzzing that the new MacBook Pro will have a touch ID sensor and an OLED mini screen above the keyboard. On top of this, we’re also looking at upgrades and changes to the next version of Apple Watch, which many feel is already a bit dated (really?). Bottom line here is that no one really knows what to expect yet but history shows that this company always has something up its sleeve. Also keep in mind that this is the version of the iPhone that is set BEFORE next years EPIC reveal of the 10th anniversary iPhone 8 so will Apple be holding back a little bit? All we know is that yes there will be a new iphone coming and yes, for those of you who plan on buying the new phone, Apple’s iOS 10 is also coming this September…so ya got that going for you!


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