Is $AAPL Sizing Up McLaren?


    According to reports, Apple Inc. (AAPL) may be eyeing UK-based racing company McLaren.  This is not for its auto division but more for its technology segment. McLaren has denied reports of any type of acquisition but that doesn’t mean Apple hasn’t already taken a stance or couldn’t start getting involved as an investing party.  Technology behind McLaren has been part of its long lineage of building speed breaking super machines.

    McLaren Applied Technologies which was launched half a decade ago by McLaren has designed many systems including health monitoring applications, scheduling systems for Airports (Heathrow Airport in particular), and has designed processes to cut the time oil & gas drillers spend on exploration.  They’ve also helped speed up drug trials run by pharma companies & cut down on the time that their own production plants are idle with the main key being data & how to analyze it.

    McLaren Applied Technologies was actually one of the original groups involved with virtual reality simulators for drivers well before they’ve begun to come about recently.  For other application such as single speed bicycles, the company has created a way for data logs to be made and sent to the rider in real time.  The device monitors things like torque, speed, power, etc.

    Reportedly the company could be worth upward of $1.3-$2Billion to someone like Apple so basically it’s right on par with other acquisitions in the technology arena this year. While Apple most likely will not want to jump into the supercar industry, many suggest that they could become a great team for high end tech.  So could AAPL soon become the proud owner of McLaren?  Maybe some of their top executive through purchasing the vehicles but the verdict is still out on what the tech juggernaut will do, if anything, in consideration of McLaren’s tech arm.



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