How Adhesive Wearables Could Change the Medical Wearable Industry

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A new market has been emerging showing how adhesive wearables could potentially help to change the lives of many individuals suffering from a variety of diseases. A report has come out recently showing that this new series of wearables could do everything from tracking certain factors of a persons health, to showing how much they are exercising, more in line with the wearables we have today. According to the report “Wearable medical technologies not only provide support for care related to acute and chronic medical conditions, but also for disease prevention and lifestyle choices.

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They can monitor health, remind patients to take medications, and perform other health-related tasks. The number of U.S. adults that used a wearable medical device in 2015 was 39.5 million, nearly 58 percent more than in 2014. eMarketer says that number will skyrocket to more than 81 million Americans by 2018. Similarly, Global Industry Analysts Inc. predicts the global market for wearable medical devices will reach $4.5 billion by 2020.” The rate at which the industry is growing seems to be incredibly fast as more and more technology is invented to keep the market going.

The report further states that “flexible patches that can track user temperature over time is a trending technology. These continuous-temperature, remote-monitoring devices are often used for babies and young children, post-operative patients, cancer patients, and elderly patients. They are typically placed near the user’s armpit, and providers are notified of temperature changes, such as fevers, by way of mobile alerts.” Given that the market is still relatively in its infant stages, only time will tell how these adhesive based wearables will flow in to the greater market. The hopes are high that this new technology will help all those who need it.


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