How Africa is Leading the Fight in Biometric Use

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The country of Burundi has begun to employ the use of biometrics within the borders to help identify the population. With a large amount of controversy surrounding the tracking of refugees, this seems like the only logical way to go about it. According to the a local UN worker Augustin Bulimunti, “2167 refugees are resisting the identification scheme despite several efforts.”

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The government has stated that they are working hard to use the new technology to help identify those that are living within the borders of the country. Biometric technology has become the norm for not only tracking, but identity security. Individuals have become accustomed to using this technology to keep their data safe and hack proof. Those who decide to flee their countries in 2015, following the Burundian police accusation of religious persecution have begun to use this technology to keep track of different identities. A spokesperson stated in opposition to the technology that “we refused this biometric registration because our faith forbids it.”

This has become one of the main issues with the proliferation of biometric technology. Many people are uncomfortable with the idea that their information would be tracked, and that they would not be able to go anywhere without the government or some other body tracking them. With such a new technology, comes the ever looming fear or this type of information. The country must be able to be trusted to use this information in a secure method that would help the people and not harm them in the end. If governments and different technological bodies can be able to be trusted, and use this technology in a responsible way, the technology of biometrics can become implemented on a wide basis, and its secure nature can be cemented in the world of security and authentication.

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