Alexa by Amazon May Soon Become Integrated Into a Wearable Device


The manufacturer of several wireless accessories known as Bragi has stated that they are introducing infrastructure for the nice of Amazon’s Alexa to become a wearable device. This is not new technology as other companies such as Apple has put their own brands into wearable devices, but this is the first company to allegedly be adding Alexa to their software.

The headphones that the company is manufacturing will have a button that will launch the voice assistant, where it will then connect to the phone of the user to allow them to have all the functions they would with a tabletop Alexa. Those functions being shopping, information, directions, ride hailing and so on. Alexa is very competitive on the market as it has been known to work extremely well.

Like it was mentioned prior, this is not the first time that a wearable device has had a personal digital assistant attached to it, just the first time that it has been Alexa. Apple unveiled the Apple Watch which came with a version of Siri that used the users iPhone to communicate.

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With the use of Alexa, companies can begin to build infrastructure that would be solely used by the Alexa platform, and could benefit from the use of Amazon as well. This could ensure that drivers stay hands free and that people get the information they need in a timely and convenient manner.

There are many benefits when it comes to having a personal digital assistant, and many reasons why Alexa remains one of the best sellers on the Amazon site. The personal digital assistant world is growing exponentially, and the need for it in a users pocket is growing just as much. Hopefully this new technology can help to ease user’s lives as time goes on.


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