Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Allows Game Developers To Use Maps Data And APIs


Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) announced recently that its Google Maps will now support the Unity engine that allows the game developers to create games using an augmented reality (AR) element. The firm’s new APIs tools for building software will now allow the developers to turn the building, roads, and parks into Game-objects and in the process, the developers are able to add their own imaginations, textures, styles and customize the objects to blend well with the game’s theme.

The company has designed the data set in the Unity format with real-world buildings and landmarks that are delivered on a Unity-friendly Map. As a result, the new service will help reduce the rendering overhead costs that are caused by generating a whole virtual world on a global scale.

The new APIs for Google Maps will rely on the existing objects while enabling the developers to convert the original appearance of the game. Hence whenever the players move in the physical space, the augmented environment would remain true at every angle and position on the screen

The company will enable developers to use its data to create games in the real world and will waive all other requirements. Use of the data-set will also allow the developers to have a direct access to the Google Maps’ servers to enable their games to be online and there is a constant update of the Google Maps data.

However, the data-set and other related services are not available for free and unlike other tools from the Google that are usually open source, the game developers must negotiate with the company’s sales team. At the moment, there is no fixed price for usage.

Since the data-set and related services are powered by several APIs that enable direct integration of Google Maps data into the game space, the game developers can easily put a few procedural actors on the scene and even drop other players into a different setting. But the only drawback is that the game world becomes a mirror of the real world for the developers thus putting the players into smaller perspectives.


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