, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Conducting 3D Body Scans For Better-Fitting Clothing


Reports indicate that online retail giant, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is seeking more information on shoppers including their exact size. According to the Wall Street Journal, customers are being invited to Amazon’s New York Office with a view to having the size and shape of their bodies getting scanned. Additionally the participants are required to fill out an online survey which tells them how much their fitness and weight has fluctuated over a period of one year. The participants are also required to reveal whether they harbor plans of losing weight.

Per the invite the participants who have been invited will be required to get scanned every fortnight for a period of half an hour. According to the survey the online retailer is interested in finding out how bodies change their shape over the course of time.

Body Labs

It is understood that invite was sent by the new three-dimension body-scanning unit of Amazon. The unit was created after the online retail giant acquired Body labs, a startup based in New York, last year in October. The startup develops a software which is used to capture and the shape and motion of a body in three dimensions.

According to Body labs this can be utilized not only with regards to gaming technology but in fashion as well. In this regard Amazon could be developing a system which customers could use in virtually trying out clothes which suit their body shapes best.

Apparel empire

Currently Amazon is involved in efforts aimed at growing its apparel empire. Over the course of the last one year Amazon has introduced prime Wardrobe which allows customers to try on clothes prior to purchasing. Amazon has also introduced a couple of private-label brands.

This year Amazon is expected to be the leading retailer of apparel in the United States per a Morgan Stanley report. At the moment it is in second place after Walmart. The market share of Walmart was 8.7% last year while that of Amazon was 7.9%. Giving customers the ability to try on clothes virtually is also a cost-cutting measure as it reduces customer returns, an expensive consequence of online merchandising.


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