How Amazon is Getting Into the Wearable Health Market

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Amazon could begin to start selling medical supplies, including those marketed towards the digital wearable market. Amazon has obtained several wholesale pharmacy licenses that would allow it to sell certain devices on the platform. Amazon will not be using the licenses to sell prescription drugs, but they will likely begin to ship medical devices and devices related to the medical and wearable medical industry.

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Shipping these devices gives Amazon the least amount of exposure to the pharmaceutical market. The prescription drug market shows an opportunity for the company to get into a market that is relatively untapped by the company. Without actually getting into the pharmaceutical industry, Amazon can have a low amount of risk and regulatory issues associated with shipping federally regulated substances. This however, does not mean that the company won’t ship these substances in the near future.

With such small margins for the standard brick-and-mortar pharmacies on the drug market, companies like Target and the likes have begun to slow down their positions in the market. They have also begun to negotiate with companies that represent the large drug industry to help improve the margins. If they do this successfully, it may make more sense to ship prescription drugs in the end.

The industry on pharmaceuticals is an extremely valuable one as many known, and the three largest players in the market represent more than two thirds of it as a whole. This is an amount of over $423 billion in the pharmaceutical market. They also receive negative press when they release pricing information to the public, due to the risks associated with the drugs and the negative publicity with making margins on the drugs wider. The hopes are high that this can ultimately change the industry on these types of drugs as time goes on.


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