Amazon’s Alexa Could be Moving Into the Wearable Market Soon

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According to a new report, the popular AI speaker known as Alexa could be expanding into the wearable market quite soon. With popularity peaking from the Amazon branded device, any new devices produced on the same platform are likely to be met with the same amount of excitement. The device helps with many tasks such as home control, music controlling and many more. It works by using an advanced AI system similar to Apple’s Siri. Many frontrunners in the tech industry have been working on a system that would use all of the same technology, but in a wearable setting, and it looks as though Amazon could be beating them to it.

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Many smartwatches have been built with the technology of Alexa within it, but few and far between have actually been successful. This can possibly be attributed to the fact that those smartwatches did not come with the brand popularity that Amazon pulls. According to the company, Amazon may be releasing an Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit soon. The goal of this kit is to make the device easier for developers to get their hands on and build new technology for. Rather than having developers try and integrate the system into their own wearables, the kit would allow for them to seamlessly integrate the device into existing wearables.

Adding a voice command feature to the wearable industry would likely challenge some of the largest players in the space such as Apple. The devices success depends on how well it can work obviously, but given the high amount of success that the devices have already received, it would seem dubious to assume that it would fail. The kit will likely not be launched until later this year, but the company plans to work with many big tech moguls to launch the product successfully.


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