Is Amazon’s Employee Tracking Wearable Too Invasive?


A new wearable device has come out of Amazon with the goal of tracking employees in their daily routines throughout the Amazon world. This news has concerned many as to how workplace surveillance can become incredibly invasive. Although many are uncomfortable with this type of device, it does present itself as to how one of the largest companies in the world is seeing the future of fulfillment.

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Amazon has stated that they are not sure whether or not they will be using the technology in the near future, but a patent has ensured that the company has the right to use the device. The company has historically not had a large amount of good relationships with their employees and this is yet another way that they could negate that relationship further. Kate Bischoff, owner of tHRive, an employment law and HR consulting firm stated that :it could impact employee anxiety, morale and overall work culture.” Employees at Amazon warehouses have stated that there is a high level of difficulty to working in these factories. The difficulty comes from increased pressure to reach goals and work faster. In addition, there are many strictly enforced rules, low morale and a large amount of physically demanding work.

An amazon spokesperson stated that “the speculation about this patent is misguided. This idea, if implemented in the future, would improve the process for our fulfillment associates. By moving equipment to associates wrists, we could free up their hands from scanners and their eyes from computer screens.” It is clear that the main goal for Amazon is not to track their employees, but to help them have an easier time working in the factories. The hopes are high that this new technology will not be too invasive for the individuals working for Amazon.


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