Is $APPL saying Hello, Again To A New Mac?


There were rumors that Apple was planning to make an announcement on October 27th. Specifically, they’re supposed to finally be showing new Macs — something that hasn’t been done (outside of a refresh of the MacBooks) in over a 12 month period.

Sure enough, Apple just started sending out press invites to an event… and sure enough, it’s going to be happening on the 27th.

Outside of the timing and location of the event, Apple’s invite is detail-light.

Notice the moniker of “Hello Again”…this echoes the same sentiment as the original mac debut in 1984…”Hello”… and then in 1998, with the introduction of the iMac, Jobs tapped the “hello” theme again. So based on these, it could be pointing in the direction of a big mac reveal on the 27th…time will certainly tell.


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