Apple Stands by the Accuracy of Facial Identification on the iPhone X

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A report written earlier in the day on Wednesday, October 25 stated that the need for swift production of the new iPhone has led to a reduction in accuracy of the facial identification feature on the phone.

Foxconn reportedly changed the job assignment for up to 200 workers earlier in the month, to a position where they would be working on the 3-D function of the phone.

One analyst in the market, Ming-Chi Kyo of KGI Securities recently revised his forecast of how many iPhone X units will be available during the first quarter of 2018. Kyo revise this number to between 25 and 30 million units from a previous number of 40 million units. Kuo attributes this to a report that states that the facial recognition technology that so many users have used as the reasoning behind buying the phone, will not work as well as planned.

The sensor networks behind the facial recognition technology is one that uses 3D as well as an infrared illuminator to identify the user. One report recently noted that the fragility of the component may ultimately lead to it breaking with ease.

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Apple has refuted this idea and released their own statement regarding the accuracy of the facial identification feature.

Apple stated that “customer excitement for the iPhone X and face ID has been incredible, and we can’t wait for customers to get their hands on it’s starting Friday, November 3. Face ID is a powerful and secure authentication system that’s incredibly easy and intuitive to use. The quality and accuracy of face idea haven’t changed. It continues to be one in 1 million probability of a random person unlocking your iPhone with your Face ID.”

Hopefully Apple’s statement is true, and this does not dissuade buyers form purchasing the new iPhone.


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