Are Apple’s AirPods Taking Over the Wearable Market?


The move by Apple into the wearable tech market is something that has been on track for quite some time now. Most of the focus of the company has been set on the creation and improvement of the current Apple watch. With step tracking, heart rate tracking and other metrics included, the Apple Watch is one of the largest players in the wearable tech market.

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Other industry leaders have stated that the device that may be taking over the wearable market will soon be the AirPods by Apple, and that this device has often been overlooked in the race for better wearable tech. Steven Leboeuf, co-founder and president of Valencell, a company that develops biosensors for companies like Samsung and Jabra, stated that “I always say that there are two places where we can measure everything. The ear and the rear.” Although the rear is an unlikely target market for obvious reasons, ear related products could provide better metrics than most other systems for some time to come. According to LeBoeuf, “the ear is an ideal spot for measuring vital signs such as heart rate, temperature and pulse.

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Unlike wrist-worn devices that are constantly shifting around, which affects accuracy, the ear is more stable. The blood flow signal is also stronger from the ear, which makes it easier to track heart rate.” Another factor is the idea that earpieces are quite easy to produce and have been on the market for some time. This leads to a high amount of adoptability for consumers and producibility for producers. A the market for wearable tech increases quite quickly, the tech and software for these devices will have to increase at a high rate. With customers wanting new wearable tech, it is only a matter of time before companies oblige.


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