AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) Unit Acquires Startup Reelio To Expand Brand Content


Fullscreen Media, Inc., a digital media company owned by Otter Media Holdings, which is a subsidiary of AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) has revealed that it has acquired a startup company Reelio to enhance the brand marketing process on its platform. The move will allow the company to focus on the branded content and improve its social marketing services.

The company is planning to expand the portfolio of its services to reach out to the potential content creators particularly those that are popular among the millennial generation. The terms of the agreement stipulate that Reelio’s customers will now be allowed to use the platform to have full access to the branded services from Fullscreen Media.

Fullscreen will integrate its processes on the Reelio platform to offer the most automated and streamlined marking operations to bring a wide-range solution for the brand marketing to the social media industry.

Furthermore, AT&T is planning to launch its first world-class mobile 5G services to its clients in all its markets in the US before the end of the year. The company has been working towards improving its connectivity within the region since last year and it’s now ready to launch the mobile 5G network services. About 23 big cities have already been upgraded on the new network.

AT&T has been outperforming the industry for several months now and has frequently launched a wide range of new products and services to the industry. Meanwhile, a top executive official at AT&T has been questioned over the recent emails about the creators selling content to the online distributors.

The government has continuously for the third week opposed the proposal of AT&T to acquire Time Warner Inc. in a deal that is worth 85.4 billion. Since then, the Justice Department has resolved to prove to the federal judge that AT&T can protect HBO, CNN, TBS, Warner Bros, and other Time Warner content and programs from reaching other online competitors.

The firm plans to collaborate with Comcast Corp, which has its own NBCUniversal content to halt the activities of their content rivals including Sling TV and other competitors.


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