How the Australian Government is Planning on Using Biometrics

australia biometric technology

Several heads of Australian states and territories have agreed that having a facial biometric database would help the country in various ways. The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull has stated that it will help the country to identify criminals as well as expedite many other processes.

Turnbull stated in a recent conference that “to be clear about this, this is not accessing photo ID information that is not currently available.” The hopes are that the database will bring together federal government identifications, with all other forms of identification.

Turnbull also stated that “it shouldn’t take seven days to be able to verify someone’s identity or seek to match a photograph of somebody that is a person of interest. It should be able to be done seamlessly in real time.”

The uses of having this system extend beyond just the justice department. This system could also be sued to help citizens pay for various products as well as identify themselves not just for criminal intake.

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One head of state noted that on the subject of voting, “I think today’s unanimous decision-making in relation to these important security matters is a sign of the times we all live in. The threat situation we live in has not changed; it is not a maybe, it is probable, and it is important for us to come together.”

The use of biometrics for security is not something that is new in today’s world but rather a technology that is now becoming widely adopted. Biometrics have seen several advancements and technological improvements that have made them a viable option for security and swift transactions in the current world. With the success of biometrics in products such as the iPhone and Samsung cell phones, the world of biometrics seems like it is just beginning.


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