What Are the Benefits of Wearable Digital Technologies?

wearable digital technology

A Seattle based mechanical contractor known as MacDonal Miller recently launched a wearable tech platform with the hopes of deploying the technology in a mainstream way. Miller recently stated his opinion in an interview on where the market is headed for the wearable tech industry.

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One of the biggest mistakes that he stated new companies get into if the fact that “ IT companies are making across the country is they’re doing it without their customer and then coming and taking a solution to the customer that their customers didn’t ask for.” Companies need to use customer input to see what they need in a medical device that can be applied to mainstream technology and made for a specific need across the board.

If companies choose to invest in the technology they can expect to see “increased revenue, increased customer satisfaction right out of the gate. Our payback period for our wearable glasses deployment was less than a month.” Another big advancement in the wearable tech industry is the idea of artificial intelligence. The less human input the devices need, the more accurate they can be. According to Miller, “Nine times out of 10 in our industry, when something goes wrong in a building, they will deploy the wrong tech.

But what if the building was smart enough to notify and flag the type of issue that it was having and then using LinkedIn, in collaboration with Microsoft, to route the right technician in the area, based on his or her skillset, to the look at the issue.” This is an example of how certain tech needs to be applied to certain areas. The industry on wearable tech is something that is growing at a very large pace and is only poised to continue growing as the next few years go on.


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