Where is the Biometric Industry Headed For 2018?

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A meeting was held earlier this week, showing where the market on wearable biometric technology is headed as we move into the year of 2018. Sloan Gaon was one of the big voices, as the CEO of PulsePoint. Gaon stated that “AI and ML will revolutionize clinical trial recruitment by finding patients based on a variety of factors including symptoms and co-morbidities, and matching up individual online behaviors with relevant messaging to create a highly targeted, message-specific campaign of one.”

The hopes are high that artificial intelligence can become a larger part of the space on these types of devices. With less and less human intervention, these devices can become more secure and more accurate as well. Gaon also stated that these “Fitness trackers, life-logging platforms and the proliferation of healthcare apps provide an abundance of data, such as steps, heart rate, and sleep patterns, which can be combined with other known information to create highly personalized messaging.

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As the wearable industry matures, there will be major consolidation. Apple, Google and Samsung will be the last men standing and will control all of this valuable first party data. It will be a three horse race to see who can best leverage these insights.” The hopes are high that the large amount of competition in the market can lead to more advanced technology coming out of different areas. If the top players in the tech space are competing to be at the head of this large space in the wearable biometric market, the devices are only going to continue to get better.

With the need for these devices becoming more and more prevalent, it seems only fair that the market will continue to rise at a large pace over the course of the next year


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