How a Biometric System Was Hacked And What They are Doing About

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It Indian officials in charge of what many deem to be a controversial biometric identity scheme have stated that many citizens personal details have been sold online for a small amount of money. The Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI is launching an investigation into the leak that they state is “unauthorized access” into the database. The program’s leaders have stated that all of the biometric information is safe and was not leaked but many remain skeptical.

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The report is only the latest of many skeptics detailing how the system could potentially fail. If criminals are able to get access into the database, they would be liable for taking information such as name, address, photo, phone number and email addresses from the unsuspecting individuals. The report stated that adding a small amount of money into the buying price would give perpetrators a software that would allow them to print any new ID card they want with the fake information. The UIDAI has stated that this breech is a misuse of the technology, which has found a backdoor into the system allowing them to only gain access to some of the information.

The scheme has however not released people’s biometric information, which is what many deem to be the most important part. Headlines across the country have angrily been fighting against this leak, and have used the latest information to proliferate their agenda on why this biometric technology should not have been introduced in the first place. The world of biometrics can often leave people uneasy, but instances like this do not happen often, and are usually easily fixed. The hopes are high that this can be solved and people can gain their information back respectively in the next coming days.


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