How Biometrics Are Changing for Home Security


The iPhone X is changing the game on biometric security with the introduction of mainstream facial identification, but there may be some new upgrades to fingerprint sensor.

Researchers at Rutgers University and the University of Alabama have begun testing on biometric security that would allow any surface to be a biometric identifier. This touch-style ID could be put on any surface in ones home or office and has the potential to change the way security works forever.

The system that is being called “VibWrite” is not fully based on fingerprint verification, but rather on a unique type of biometric that uses the individual vibrations given off by ones finger. Given that the bone structure of every individual is different. This system can measure the unique pressures of each individual and can sense the various physiological and behavioral differences that each individual has.

Nitesh Saxena, the associate professor in the department of computer science at the University of Alabama at Birmingham stated that “this is a low cost system, which does not require specific hardware like fingerprint scanners or cameras. You can be embedded into any physical surface with little cost.”

The system works by using a vibration motor that is relatively inexpensive in combination with the receiving surface. The system that requires a small investment from the user to install it, but that Technology is almost 10 times cheaper than any other Smart access system that is available right now.

The researchers behind the study say that this system could be very easily commercialized, but it would require a small amount of tweaking before it is fully available for widespread use.

The use of biometrics continues to take the technology and security world by storm, and the increasing amount of developers in the space continues to reinvent the market.

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