How Biometrics and E-Commerce are Intertwining


As the user interacts with various websites, the sites collect data that can ultimately help to identify the user and their individual preferences. With the addition of multi-factor biometrics, these sites may be able to eliminate the need for remembering passwords, or even the use of PINs. With the use of multiple physical traits to identify the individual, security would be at an all-time high and the user could rest easy knowing their data is secure.

One article written recently has shown that behavioral biometrics are changing the game when it comes to security. The authors behind the article stated that “behavioral biometrics is a breakthrough cybersecurity technology that identifies people by how they do what they do, rather than by their physical characteristics, what they know, or by the authentication technology they possess.”

The group shows how secure using biometric data can be. They further stated that “Behavioral biometrics is defined as the measurement and analysis of human activity patterns. Historically, these have included keystroke patterns, gait, and handwritten signatures. However, today’s advanced behavioral biometric techniques now capture a wider array of human interactions between a device and an application, such as hand-eye coordination, pressure, hand tremors, navigation, scrolling and other finger gestures.”

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The company, BioCatch has designed a new methodology to using behavioral biometrics by ensuring that safety is the number one priority. This method is proven to be safer than almost any other authentication method out there. The company stated that “BioCatch’s behavioral biometrics-based authentication technology analyzes the way people interact with online applications or devices. BioCatch has positioned itself as a market leader, with a solution designed to reduce transaction friction, decrease fraud and associated cuber threats, and provide quantifiable business value.”

Hopefully behavioral biometrics can find their rightful place in the market of authentication and security.


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