How Biometrics are Helping to Identify Travelers

biometric traveler

Various travel agencies around the world are beginning to employ the use of biometrics for everything from security to general keeping track of travelers. One of the newest pieces of technology is employing biometric identifiers in the passport itself.

The government in Singapore is attempting to utilize these new methods of identification by adding two new identifiers to their passports. The first of those is an image of the holder of the passport that can only be viewed in certain lights and certain angles. The second new feature is a laser image that will help to identify the passenger even further.

The passports will be changed as the coming year goes on, but in the mean time the use of biometric identifiers for travel will continue to grow. The Singaporean citizens who do not choose to get the new passport, will not be penalized for doing so. Those who apply for the passport will get it for the same fee of $80.

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The high amount of potential for biometric identifiers continues to prove its worth in a variety of markets. One of the newest forms of biometrics is known as facial recognition. The device that does the identifying uses a series of infrared lights to make a map of the users face. Once this map is created, the device can identify the person with extreme accuracy.

The most widely known version of this right now is with the new iPhone X. The phone is expected to have facial recognition technology that may help to revolutionize the industry on such a technological advancement. It will be interesting to see how the public responds to this new software, and will ultimately show the world whether or not the widespread use of advanced biometrics is something that is here to stay.


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