How Biometrics Are Helping Politics


Biometric identification has become one of the most accurate ways to help identify and authenticate the identity of a person. With a large amount of fraud happening in polling and elections, there are many ways that biometric identification can help the field of politics.

With biometrics offering the advantage of helping campaigns run tighter elections, it is no wonder that they are quickly becoming the method of choice for those looking to have a tighter grasp on identity and polling accuracy. A new report has come out detailing how this new technology can help elections run smoother. The report states that “Voter biometrics is a relatively new research discipline that removes the potential for a voter lying and gets at the unalloyed truth of his or her views. It does so by taking certain biometric readings from voters’ minds and bodies and uses to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accurately interpret them, so humans, with all their biases, can’t interfere.”

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The report went on to state that “Biometric readings include brainwave activity, heart rate, skin conductance, perspiration, and so forth. It turns out that these bodily impulses, when fairly analyzed, provide better indicators of voters’ likelihood to act one way or another than their voice, pen, or keyboard.”

The research was done regarding several focus groups. If clients want to be able to observe rather than take an active role in their won election process, this could become the future. The hopes are high that this new form of security and authentication could become the way of the next several years. With many looking to biometric authentication to perform daily tasks, any device that promises tighter security and authentication is something that looks like it is here to stay. The hopes are high that biometric authentication can help to change the way we vote.


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