What Biometrics Looked Like This Year

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The biometric industry has produced a large amount of groundbreaking tech for the wearable industry. Wearable tech has been on the rise for quite some time, and continues to add convenience to the daily lives of many. A new report has come out detailing some of the best wearable devices put out this year, and they continue to shape and reshape the market.

A company known as Jawku released several wearable devices for use when running or sprinting. These devices provide an accurate monitor to track performance and running metrics. According to the report “the JAWKU Speed combines the latest wearable technology and high quality tracking and timing to measure and record sprint speed, agility and reaction time off the blocks for sprinters at all levels.” With Jawku leading the charge in the sprinting field, this new tech has the potential to change the way we run. The system has been “Tested over 10,000 times by track and field athletes, NFL athletes, college athletes, and runners, and compared against everything from a basic stopwatch to professional timing system, the company claims that the new tracker could now replace the traditional stopwatch for runners.”

One interesting piece of tech is known as the Waterfi Swim Tracker. With waterproof products being the pinnacle of the wearable market, any company looking to enter would have to compete with the likes of Apple and Fitbit. The Waterfi Swim Tracker has a unique wearable niche by being attached to the head as opposed to the wrist. The device clips onto swimming goggles and tracks several different metrics related to swimming.

The wearable market seems to be rising quickly, with new tech coming out on a regular basis. It will be interesting to see where the market goes as the year ends and 2018 begins.

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