Biometrics: No Need For Passwords Ever Again?

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Can Biometrics cut out the Need for Passwords?

The use of biometrics has increased exponentially in the past few years as a new form of authentication. The idea is that, since each person has unique facial characteristics, they can intrinsically be individually identified. This can become an extremely powerful security measure which has a myriad of applications.

In the world of travel, the Transportation Security Administration has been testing the use of biometrics at airports such as Atlanta or Denver, with the hopes of making security quicker. There are fingerprint scanners that can be linked to a passenger who is enrolled in TSA PreCheck, thus eliminating the need for them to wait in lines.

Modern touch ID has been in use since the unveiling of the iPhone 5s with its popularity only increasing as time goes on.

New biometric systems have become popular with companies such as MasterCard. the company announced that they would allow their customers to use facial biometrics for authenticating payments. Apple recently released the iPhone 8 as well as the iPhone X which will use facial recognition software as opposed to the fingerprint method.

Obviously, there is no one authentication technique that is 100% fool-proof and this is undoubtedly the case with biometrics. True identify security has to be a multi-layer system, which uses risk analysis known as adaptive access control.

Systems that employ the use of adaptive access controls use various layers of security to make sure that the risk amount is minimized. If the device has been used before by the user but a new one tries to access it, the location may be used to consider whether or not it is a safe access. There is also the possibility of using behavioral biometrics, which provide a solid amount of security.

The world of security is only being strengthened by the increased use of biometrics.

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