How Biometrics are Safer Than Traditional Methods of Security

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Biometrics are a large step forward in the world of authentication and security, and are only just seeing their time of day. With the use of biometrics on most new phones being released, security has become the utmost priority for users.

The newest trend in smartphones is including biometric scanners such as fingerprint ID, as opposed to the traditional PIN system. Many smartphones as well as laptops among other consumer products, have begun to adopt this new technology. In addition to consumer tech, industries such as banking and other financial institutions have been able to adopt this technology as well. The benefits of biometrics as opposed to traditional methods of security are extremely enticing.

Recent news of hacking and password bypassing is not uncommon in today’s age. This simply signals that our current system of numerical passwords is failing. Many people have seen money lost, data stolen and more just from the result of using a password that can be hacked or guessed. With the use of biometrics, this becomes way less of a worry. Apple has stated that their new iPhone X, that uses facial recognition, has a 1 in a million chance of mistaking your face. This is in contrast to past iPhones using fingerprint scanners that Apple has stated only have a 1 in 50,000 chance of something similar happening.

Consumers have become tired and wary of having to remember different passwords for every website and app they use. This is combination with their lacking security has created a strong need for the use of biometrics. Any system that promises to have increased security for customer’s uses such as banking and personal information, is one that will become widely adopted by the public. The hopes are high that the uses of biometrics will continue to increase and take the world by storm.

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