Biometrics and Wearables Are Working Together

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A company known as Fujitsu has announced recently that they will be releasing a new biometric-based device for the wearable market. During the announcement, the company stated that their F-Pro palm vein biometric sensor will be included, featuring the newest and smallest palm vein biometric system that is available for the public. Futjitsu has stated that they will be demonstrating the massive capabilities of the new technology, which will be a high fashion item to help users keep track of their items as they are placed around in different whereabouts.

The tech will also help to streamline how professionals in different industries that need to know where their equipment is at all times, find their items. Randy Fox, vice president of currency handling and identity product solutions for Fujitsu Frontech North America stated that “Fujitsu is extremely excited about the release of the V535 with integrated F-Pro. We are currently working with strategic partners who will enable us to grow our PalmSecure suite of solutions.” He further stated that “Tracking fashion garments formalwear and accessories is critical to a successful garment rental enterprise,” he continued.

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“Fashion garment designers and manufacturers will benefit from its small, almost imperceptible design, allowing them to provide positive identification of their high-value items while reducing incidents of loss and return fraud.” The wearable industry has been on the rise for quite some time now, with many individuals starting to get into the market. With one of the biggest barriers to entry being price of the actual items, now that the prices are being lowered, many individuals can finally enter the space. The hopes are high that companies like Fujitsu can help to reinvent the way we use these new devices on a day to day basis.


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