Biotech Lab Announces New Funding

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The company known as Web biotechnology PTE LTD, which specializes in cloud-based ECG monitoring on wearable devices has stated that they completed there first round of funding recently. Based out of Singapore, WEB produces the world’s first medical grade ECG wearable device that can continuously transmit health data from the wearable to any other source such as a doctor or other health professional.

According to data from the company “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is then applied to the data to analyze ECG rhythm abnormalities in real-time. Its unique 24/7 “always on” system allows continuous patient ECG data transmission from anywhere in the world with a connected smartphone. Physicians can remotely log in securely into the database and report findings to patients from another connected device. WEB has been able to manufacture different systems for different uses such as the Spyder PRO which will likely replace the hospital ECG systems known as the Holter system.

This new tech is according to the company “non-invasive wearable system for diagnostic ECG monitoring for extended periods up to a month. The PRO is widely available in many hospitals in Singapore, in Asia and the EU, is CE-Marked and HSA (Health Sciences Authority Singapore)-approved for remote cardiac rhythm monitoring. Its ease of use by patients, real-time wireless connectivity to the cloud, allowing quick physician feedback has proven a marked improvement over traditional cumbersome, wired Holter systems.”

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The industry on wearable tech is something that is quickly shaping and reshaping existing markets with a large amount of potential to develop new tech. As new innovation is made in the space, several industries such as the aforementioned health industry, will continue to benefit from the progress. The hopes are high that companies like WEB can continue to help patents who need it most.


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