The ‘Boring’ #iPhone Might Be $APPL ‘s Best Yet


Last year the Apple iPhone 6 and 6s reviews were mixed but many highlighted the 6 as the iPhone’s biggest upgrade yet.  Just because the new iPhone appears to look like the 6, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a major update to the device.  Today the company is set to reveal several products and anticipation has built surrounding the release of the iPhone 7.  This comes at a time where the largest iPhone competitor, Samsung, has hit a large hurdle after reports of the technology company’s new Galaxy Note 7 may catch fire during use or while charging.

For the iPhone 7, despite its appearance to its most recent iPhone 6/6s, the product could be turning into an even bigger upgrade than any speculation has assumed.  Even though no one is saying that the upcoming iPhone 7 series are ground breaking as far as design, they are expressing their interest in the new qualities of the phone, its software, and several nuances the phone has.  Still, though, some are calling this new iPhone 7 “boring”.

Could it be the new camera? Maybe the expanded battery life? Or it could be the increase in processing speed that makes the newest phone in the iPhone franchise so “boring”. Apple is going to double the storage capacity on each model. So instead of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB iPhones, you’ll get 32GB, 128GB and 256GB storage options.

But it gets far more “boring” than this.  The iPhone 7 is said to have waterproofing as well as TWO camera with improved single-lens shooting that will add OIS and a dual lens camera on the larger iPhone 7 that could offer many new features as well.  The expected retail launch of the phone is set for September 16th and once that happens, the real reviews should start to critique the actual “boringness” of the phone…even though this may be a very exciting product release from Apple.


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