Business And #Mobile Technology: Can They Coexist?


There’s no secret that mobile technology is here to stay and in many cases it is completely changing the landscape of the average workplace.  There truly is “an app for that”.  Enterprise mobility is a word used for the increasing trend of businesses having more employees working out of the office while using mobile devices to perform work-related tasks.

Mobile technology especially when discussing the overall tech sector, has become a key strategy and business grower to both reduce costs and improve efficiency to enhance the general customer experience.  This also has a big hand in boosting competitiveness.

Colin Hamill of BT Business Northern Ireland says that mobile tech brings an unrivaled sense of opportunity but a complete acceptance of it doesn’t come without challenges.

“Many organizations may be missing out on the amazing potential mobility has to offer. Making the change to a more agile and mobile workforce can be challenging…However, organizations can adopt a mobility first strategy to reduce the cost of delivering services, improve the customer experience and to enable faster and better decision making within their business….”Many organizations simply don’t have the infrastructure, resources and skills required to manage the diverse range of mobile devices, operating systems and applications needed to make Enterprise Mobility a reality. Companies can also struggle with cost, governance and security.

“Mobile technology is being rolled out for a number of different roles including managers,response maintenance staff and grant staff.”

-Sean Nolan Head of IT Services, Northern Ireland Housing Executive

The growth of the adoption of enterprise mobility within the business world has created opportunities for not only increasing productivity but also developing new innovative ways of delivering services.  This has been something that the public realm has taken notice of. Over the coming weeks you will see many tech stocks  and companies utilizing the mobile landscape to turn profit.


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